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@s I explained how I feel about Halloween to my partner as "Imagine if you'd never done Christmas until your early 20s, but everyone else has been doing it since they were born".

Id probably be similarly baffled by the whole Christmas thing, and similarly have no idea what the right and wrong things to do are.

@s I probably won't be doing that much again this year, because I haven't got time or energy to make a good costume. And... I really don't understand how it's worth my time to do so?

Theres a thing on at the local Hackspace, so I'll go to that. It'll be a good combination of people who made some effort, and people who made zero effort, but like the idea of being in a space with other people. (I am the latter).

It's coming up towards Halloween again and once more, I'm not really prepared, nor am I particularly interested in it.

I didn't take part in Halloween at all until Uni. As a result I really don't know _how_ to do it.
I don't have much of a feeling for what one should do, when, how much effort should it be etc.

I never felt comfortable wearing, or preparing a costume - probably because I never feel like I've done it correctly.

Today I went to a retro video games fair.
I came home with a PlayStation (SCPH-1002, PAL), Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider Chronicles & 3 fancy semi-transparent Japanese PlayStation memory cards.

I'm still missing Tomb Raider, The last Revelation on PlayStation, and Angel of Darkness on PS2.

Later we went to a board games shop, where I found this 1987 Star Trek Compendium.

Finally, we visited Nottingham's Goose Fair.

Busy day!

I've been reminded that it's another year's .
Perhaps this will be the motivation I need to finish those PRs to the Dub project that I've had open for MONTHS.

Its not that it's hard to finish them, but it takes a fair amount of consecutive hours where I also have brain energy to do it, which I don't often have.

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One of my best projects is FINALLY done, writeup and all, after three long years! I present to you, LEDONARDO:

Ich in der Regen und Dunklen gerannt, mit The Expanse Musik. Es war Awesome!

Super atmospheric and gritty and just fantastic.

The bonuses of having a largish personal technical library are very similar to the bonuses of having a good stock of electrical components.

When I need to get references for a talk, I have a stack of books already in my shelves to start with.

So far, it's been a nice way to get some inspiration for the shape of the talk. πŸ“š

What tools do you use to get things done?

I use Todoist a LOT - but I'd like some idea for other tools/methods for tracking todos, targets, goals, daily habits etc...

Danke ❀️

Heute ich bin in Nottingham Hackspace der Crapathon machen

Machen ein problem kein leute haben!
Eine lΓΆsung machen!
Ein scheiße preis gewinnen!

Das Thema ist 'Artificial Stupidity'.


Today I am at Nottingham doing the 'Crapathon'.

Create a problem no one has! Design a solution for it!
Win a really crap award!

The theme this year is Artificial Stupidity.

I swapped the battery in my 2014 laptop because laptops haven't increased in power, or screen tech enough that I really need to get a new one.

Its a i5-4200u with a 1080p IPS screen. It only has 4GB of RAM, but I rarely fill that up.

The battery was very, very dead though. Miss-reporting it's capacity and just conking out at random times.

Woah, brought down my mastodon instance for some server twiddling and it came back up cleanly.

This is a shock.

I guess this is all just Classic Samathy grumbling at the lack of uptake for Dlang.

I tried to get the D ecosystem up on:
Aarch64 Debian 9 - Has GDC (no DMD) , but no DUB package.

x86 Ubuntu Bionic - Has DUB, but no DMD. Default installs LDC.

x86 Arch - Has modern everything in standard repos.

Its just odd, that a language which is fairly popular, more popular that others which are fully supported in most distros, is kinda forgotten.

The D language is in this odd state where some big Linux distros still don't have packages for the D compiler(s) and tools, some distros have packages for some of the compilers and maybe the tools, and others have everything.

This especially applies to Architectures that are not x86 - despite there not being any real reason why they can't ship gdc & compile their libs with that (I think, no support for thay asumption)

Gah, you can't quote-tweet on Mastodon >.<

This conductor is fantastic - honestly such a good watch.

He manages to be so clear with his criticism, in German, while still being lovely.

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Simon Rattle, conducting a bunch of Berlin school kids playing Grieg, in broken but terribly expressive German, is the high point of my day:

Tried to watch some Youtube content that _might_ be blocked in my country.
Although, I did learn something -

I set up an OpenVPN server in Frankfurt on Digital Ocean in literally 5 mins to see if it was region locked.
It doesnt look like it? But πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ .

Atleast I now know that setting up a VPN on Digital ocean to 'just try that one thing' is *SUPER* easy and basically costs me pennies.

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Redwall Abbey was an anarchist commune in this essay I will

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