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I can't really believe how much I've gotten into working on my bike.

I've replaced a frayed front gear cable. Tuned the front derailleur.
Tried tuning the rear derailleur, but it's not playing ball.
Fitted bullhorn bar ends - tested them out, oh my bull horns are great.

Doing bar tape, cleaning the disk brakes and trying that rear derailleur again tomorrow. Hopefully going to get out cycling again.

It's lovely to spend time just optimizing it so that I can enjoy riding it.


I can't go on a 'working holiday' where I visit a country for, say, a couple of weeks. Work on some week days, take a holiday on other days, do stuff in evenings.

I did that in Edinburgh one year during Fringe and it was great, but I can't do that outside of the UK without significant effort.

I strongly dislike nationalism. Brexit has made me hate borders and nationalism and my own country more.

Working for a great remote-first company serves to make me really angry that right-to-work laws exist.

Why the heck can't I earn money in any country I happen to be temporarily in?

I mean, I know 'tax things' is the reason. Brexit has made the problem a million times worse for UK residents.

But its stupid. Borders are silly. Nationalism is silly. Let people do stuff anywhere pls.

I should open a bike repair/refurbish charity/shop. That'd be amazing.

There is already one in nottingham, but its waaaaay on the opposite side of the city from me. I could totally open one on my side.

But its all entirely intentional, because the current government wish we'd all start going "Hey, if I could just pay to get an appointment with who I want, when I want..." so that they can scrap the NHS and require us to pay.

I wish I could optionally donate more of my salary to the NHS and away from whatever pot of money goes on MP salaries and royal yachts.

It just feels like at every single step the NHS keeps trying to get you to go away and leave them a alone.

Not enough reception staff, so calling means 20 mins on hold.

No scheduling appointments in the near future, only TODAY NOW or months away.

Constantly getting sent to see nurses instead of doctors.

Having to call to find out your negative/all okay test results to continue investigating.

Doctors try everything to avoid sending you to a specialist clinic.

Everything is a battle.

Thinking about how hard it is to see an NHS doctor and wanting to complain about that.

But knowing that it is totally intentional that the NHS experience is terrible so that we get converted to thinking private medical would be better.

I bought a bicycle from a friend.

It is a much better fit for me that my other bike ( and XS sized step through ).

It needs a lot of work.
A good clean and oil.
New gear cable because it is attached by a single thread.
New tires because they're cracked.
New handlebars, because I want drops, and the existing rubber is sticky and gross.
New hydraulic oil in the breaks, cos the front ones don't have much pressure.

BUT, it is mechanically working, and close enough to what I want in a bike. 🚴

Alpro used to do an amazing vanilla soy milk that I haven't been able to find since 2015-ish.

I am sad every time I don't see it in the supermarket.

Growing up in a family with little disposable income makes spending money on non-essential hobby stuff really quite difficult.
Having a high tolerance for discomfort also makes this hard.

I think I should set up some kinda savings pot and pay into it monthly to enable me to feel better about spending relatively small amounts on stuff I want but don't need.

Easier to see your regular personal spend savings go down, than to justify a spend from the large buffer savings/capital.

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I never really expected to find myself having so much to do at work that I have to block out a couple of days next week to get though it all.

And yet, here I am, blocking out 2 entire days with "FOCUS - Very busy".

Is this a good sign, having many responsibilities? Maybe in the short term.

Consistency with hobbies is so frustratingly hard.

What's it going to be this week? Exercise, programming, making, music playing, DIY, reading, learning German...

How does anyone manage to keep a tight enough focus to make progress on hobby things.

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Does anyone know if a reasonable mic volume level meter exists for Linux?

It is impossible to tell if I'm coming out quiet, loud or other in video meetings, and I am shocked that I can't find a volume level meter that isnt part of a desktop environment settings menu, or audio editing application.

Lefty people; How do you find out about protests/local activism being organised in your area in time to actually attend?

I have a feeling that answer is mostly "Facebook", or "Word of mouth".

I don't use Facebook much, and never hear about protests from local friends ( because they mostly dont care about activism ).

I expect the more one goes too, the more one hears about.

What I certainly should NOT do, is side-track into yak-shaving and build a website portfolio instead of actually going and taking photos.

Because obviously, sitting on my sofa writing HTML is easier than taking my camera outside.

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