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Does anyone know if a reasonable mic volume level meter exists for Linux?

It is impossible to tell if I'm coming out quiet, loud or other in video meetings, and I am shocked that I can't find a volume level meter that isnt part of a desktop environment settings menu, or audio editing application.

Lefty people; How do you find out about protests/local activism being organised in your area in time to actually attend?

I have a feeling that answer is mostly "Facebook", or "Word of mouth".

I don't use Facebook much, and never hear about protests from local friends ( because they mostly dont care about activism ).

I expect the more one goes too, the more one hears about.

What I certainly should NOT do, is side-track into yak-shaving and build a website portfolio instead of actually going and taking photos.

Because obviously, sitting on my sofa writing HTML is easier than taking my camera outside.

I think I've been sniped into caring more about photography and sharing my photography work.

A new colleague has an excellent website, supporting his small, but well managed photography business.

I have absolutely no website for my photos, no way of sharing them, and often, no motivation to go out and take photos.

I should go out and take photos, because I love it, and it might be hard, but it could be worthwhile.

Has anyone on fedi used Ubuntu Studio for music things? 馃幍

How good is it? Is there anything better?

Configuring Arch for Ardour/Jack/VSTs etc is a pain when I just want to make music and put it into my computer.

Congrats A.Lee, you bought something then immediately murdered it.

Big capitalist move.

I bought an expensive powertool today and I am excited to use it.

I planted a whole bunch of 'Titan' sunflowers today - looking forward to 300cm tall, 60cm head diameter sunny lads 馃尰

Gonna plant some smaller 'Hallo' sunflowers in the front garden too.


Introducing collectd was a blessing and a curse.
My disk hates it.

I wonder if there is a way to tell collectd to report stats ( to influxdb ) but not bother storing many on disk.

I don't really need collectd to store stats AND influxdb to also store them. Influx is much easier on disk writes.

I'm not super worried about the writes on spinning rust in my server, but running collectd on my network infrastructure with fragile ( and kinda old ) flash memory seems like a recipe for failed flash.

I took my Les Paul guitar to a guy for a setup yesterday and I immediately want it back.

Roll on Friday.

Repaired some headphones today, yay. 馃帶

Set up Collectd, Influxdb and Grafana yesterday

Got graphs going on ALL my in-home infrastructure. Servers, routers... graphs for all the stats!

Hoping to get my cloud servers reporting stats soon also.

influx/collectd/grafana is a super simple stack to set up. Really easy to get them all talking to each other.

The longest bit was making the graphs.

I really need to figure out how to use Ardour as a looper, because you can do it with Ableton and that seems like a really, really cool way of making music.

Anyway, I should be back on mastodon now my server has some space to breath for a bit.

I let my mastodon instance fill up my server's entire disk again. 馃う鈥嶁檧锔

Except this time, it filled up SO much that postgres wouldnt start, and `rbenv` wouldnt activate because "No space left on device".

So I couldnt even purge all the mastodon cached stuff.

I managed to find a couple of files to delete and got back about 200MB of space, enough to activate the ruby-env and ask `tootctl` nicely to delete 15GB OF MEDIA.

I am going to make this a cron job now because this is the second time!!!

Ich habe mehr b眉cher auf Deutsch gekauft. Ich Der Marsianer war gut geh枚rt.

huh, Scaleway restarted my server ( because it moved physical hosts ) and some how that made Mastodon - which has been broken for a few months - start working again.


Hi folks. I doubt you missed me.

Today I completed learning the guitar part for Animal Crossing New Horizons 5pm jazz 5pm.

I'm going to try and completely learn every instrument part in a day over the holiday because what are personal projects without deadlines like work projects.

Tomorrow, perhaps the bass part or maybe try the drums part on my cajon.
Can't do the piano chords on a piano because its under moving-house boxes, so I might substitute guitar until after we move in January.

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