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I'm 25.

I feel like I'm just waiting for when I'm supposed to start having enough time to both earn enough to be comfortable AND have enough free time to do things I enjoy.

But so far, I am absolutely exhausted of watching my weeks disappear to working, cooking and eating. Then my weekends get filled with chores and recovering from the week.

I keep seeing things online about how the ~40 hour work week only works if everyone has someone else to do the unpaid, underappreciated home-labour.

Its all well and good that people know this model is falling apart - but how do I FIX it?

Ugh, today is a very "Whats the point, I dont have time to do anything I love. Whats the point of existing if I spend all my time working or doing chores/life-admin."

"Cant you just buy the music in a book?"

I can't exactly get the Animal Crossing New Horizons 5pm song for guitar and bass in a book at the moment.

The answer to my question is "Because digital rights have completely ruined the concept of just owning a copy of a thing".

I can't just buy a copy and do what I want with it, I have to either continuously pay a subscription, pay for lots of stuff I dont need, or pay for a copy I can only view digitally at the publisher's leisure.

How is it so hard to just buy sheet music.

I just want to buy one goddamn song, as a PDF which I can view digitally or print at my leisure.

I dont want a subscription to your sheet music service.

I dont want a digital copy to view only in your app.

I don't want to sign up to a patreon and get MIDI score, Sibelius and ... XML??? .

I just want to pay a one-time payment, for a DRM free piece of music that I can play at home.

Es ist mein Geburtstag πŸŽ‰

I am 25, I feel more tired than I did yesterday, so thats a good start.

I love it when I ask HR about a change in working hours being possibly illegal gets the response "Good question, let me ask my team"

Isnt the whole point of HR to be navigating employment law?

I have been encouraged to finally get Signal.

Another messaging app on the stack of messaging apps.

Mostly though its because Hackerrank makes me feel like an absolute idiot and a terrible programmer.

I think it is mostly how I always feel like I've done it wrong and it always takes me longer to solve the problem than I should.

Normally because the data input given is in some funky format that makes absolutely no sense at all.

I have unfortunately been reminded how much I hate Hackerrank and everything solving arbitrary programming problems stands for.

Ich mâchte ein Freund findin zu Jazz spielen und lernen mit. 😞



It hurts me most in winter, because the dark evenings make it practically impossible to find any motivation for after-work projects. Thus, I feel bad because I'm not spending my evenings working on something 'worthwhile' - whatever that means.

Capitalism is really hecking sucky for constantly reminding you of what you havent achieved, and what you dont have.

Its getting to the time of year where I am:

* Sad.
* Constantly Stressed about not having enough time
* Upset that I didn't achieve what I wanted to achieve
* What is time

Basically all of these I can attribute to the sun providing me less light in the day...and it being close to the end of the year.

Bought my first bike since teenagerhood today from a local Not For Profit workshop.

I am excited to be able to get places without using dinosaur burning vehicles πŸ¦•.

This is mostly because we're probably moving quite far away from the city center soon and since we don't drive, it's gonna be more annoying to get things and go places if we're so far out.

Well up for getting a trailer - cos what's the point of any wheeled vehicle if you can't carry stuff to the Hackspace with it πŸ˜‰.

Samathy explores Jazz: I think my taste has basically been narrowed down to "1950s/60s Blue Note jazz guitarists".

I still wish I could find modern artists making blues/jazz in styles similar to this. Preferably non-dudes.

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