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It hurts me most in winter, because the dark evenings make it practically impossible to find any motivation for after-work projects. Thus, I feel bad because I'm not spending my evenings working on something 'worthwhile' - whatever that means.

Capitalism is really hecking sucky for constantly reminding you of what you havent achieved, and what you dont have.

Its getting to the time of year where I am:

* Sad.
* Constantly Stressed about not having enough time
* Upset that I didn't achieve what I wanted to achieve
* What is time

Basically all of these I can attribute to the sun providing me less light in the day...and it being close to the end of the year.

Bought my first bike since teenagerhood today from a local Not For Profit workshop.

I am excited to be able to get places without using dinosaur burning vehicles πŸ¦•.

This is mostly because we're probably moving quite far away from the city center soon and since we don't drive, it's gonna be more annoying to get things and go places if we're so far out.

Well up for getting a trailer - cos what's the point of any wheeled vehicle if you can't carry stuff to the Hackspace with it πŸ˜‰.

Samathy explores Jazz: I think my taste has basically been narrowed down to "1950s/60s Blue Note jazz guitarists".

I still wish I could find modern artists making blues/jazz in styles similar to this. Preferably non-dudes.

I am mostly angry because its so wasteful to stop supporting devices and then they become just garbage if you can't easily repurpose devices for you own needs.

5 year old phone? Fuck you, runs code, but you can't run any modern apps, or do anything useful.

3 year old games console? Fuck you. No new games. Online services stop working in 2 years.

Sure, this is like 50% anti-piracy measures and 50% anti-cheat measures.

But i'd be fine with you just updating the device to allow arbitrary user code execution the moment you stop manufacturing the hardware or providing software updates. It's basically dead by then anyway.

I would even be happy for console companies to just not _actively_ stop you running your own OS/software.

You don't need to provide me an SDK and instructions in how to boot Linux from the SD card.

Just, don't make me bridge a connection on the main board, sacrifice a goat, enter A, B, X, Y and run a buffer overflow exploit to use my own freaking device as I wish.

Thinkin' about how games console companies and mobile phone companies sell you a hardware & software package with a finite 1st party support time frame but make it really fucking hard for you to use the hardware for whatever _you_ want to use it for.

Great, you sold me a console/phone with an OS! But once that becomes "old", and you later drop support its just a fucking brick that I can't do anything with.

Ffs, I bought it, I own it, why can't I run whatever I want on it?

Me learning a song on guitar: This could use more jazz chords. 🌢 🎸 🌢

Ah, the wonderful tradeoff:

Run all your tests in CI on every pull-request. CI is heavily loaded and pipelines take a couple of hours to complete.

Don't run all tests on every PR. Pipelines take less time. Less resources used. But, broken code gets merged into main, it blocks people and you have to spend time fixing it with haste.

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Selling your house is the time when you discover just how much stuff each and every cupboard can hold.

Hide it all. All of it. In boxes, in cupboards. Make it looks like no one lives here.

Jazz is a too-many-options kinda genre.

Jazz covers so many types of music and its impossible to find more of what you like.

For me - I've been enjoying bluesy jazz guitarists. But its super hard to find them.

Its especially hard to find: Bluesy Jazz guitar-lead music from the modern times where its not just white American men.

Whenever I do C++ I always end up battling the build system.

I spend longer making my compiler find the libraries and source code than I do actually writing the first part of the project code.

Startup cost of C++ is still really high, even if the language is much better for writing nowadays.

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Back at the boardgame cafe playing Firefly today. πŸš€

I normally play Esmeralda, but were doing Pirates and Bounty Hunters today so I am playing the immoral bounty hunters!

Woop, restrung my strat this evening.

I have now replaced all the strings on all my guitars except the bass πŸŽ‰

As of 3 days or so ago, the ACCUWeather app asks me if I like the new app design. In German.

My phone is set to English.

It does this every time I open the app.
Computers πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

It was Β£239 which is....a lot when I don't actually need more guitars.

I mean, you can only play so many, and I don't play my existing ones enough.

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