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Excited for my parents to bring up my Cajon - and then I might get an SM57 mic for recording instruments that way.

I have a feeling the AT2020 I bought 80% for vocals is not gonna do great at capturing a drum or an amp.....

Awwww yissss, more electronic boxes for my desk.

This time, audio things.
Gonna set up the mic later. Perhaps I'll have a go at tracking something later this week.

Sad that DHL said my package ( shipped on Friday last week ) was expected on Monday.
But the package is only just on it's way out of Germany.

I will mein USB Audio Interface!! Schnell, DHL, schnell.

(This is kinda a joke, its impractical to expect a package to make it's way from Cöln to Nottingham in like...2 working days.)

There is SO much to learn. How will I ever have time to learn all the things I want too?

I made a blues bass line loop in A major and it sounds so dumb.

But it's been fun recording it over and over to get it right, understanding the key and such.

Having a loop pedal is even more fun now I have a bass guitar.

1: Loop bass
2: Unplug bass, plug in guitar.
3: loop chords
4: improvise over loop

🎶 🎸 🎸 🎶

Kinda inspired by @rixx streaming Pretalx dev sometimes.

If someone without a massive online following, or existing streaming audience can get something out of streaming FOSS development - perhaps I can too.

I'm considering live-streaming next Friday's compiler development session - even if no one watches it.

Probably low-effort streaming to Twitch or something.

I finally have a USB Audio Interface arriving on Monday. So, audio will sound good!

Made lots of progress on the parsing section of my C99 compiler today.

In theory, it parses a 'unary expression' to some extent.

I'm fairly happy with all the support-code and the structure.

From here on it'll be implementing each expression in the C99 grammar until all productions are supported.

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Getting a deskphone was one of the best things I did for making it easy to call people.

Calls to the GP, Gender clinic, work stuff, vets, kitchen fitters - you name it, any phone call is made easier somehow because I can use a proper, office desk phone.

Especially things where you end up on hold for ages like the doctors.

I have recently been exploring the "pile of files" approach to journaling/note taking and its been working out well.

Its just Markdown.
Has "Tags:...." at the top.

Thats it.

Its very low effort, and fairly easy to search for stuff.
Importantly, I don't have to care about organising it in any way.

She doesn't have organ on all her tracks - it honestly sounds like the Hammond is only on tracks that wouldn't sound bluesy without it.

I've been listening to a lot of Joanna Shaw Taylor over the past couple days.

She's really good, I like her music a lot!

Many of the songs sound like this conversation happened in the recording booth:

"Folks, this isn't blues, this sounds like a rock song."

"Damit, we're a blues band! Quick, let's add an organ, where's the keyboard player and that spinning speaker... "

🎹 🎶 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎸

Obviously, I hate that she is 23 and an MP while I am 25 and a nothing, but hey ho, she is great.

I went to a Trans Rights x Black Rights protest march in Nottingham today.

My MP spoke in solidarity when we got to town.

I have NEVER been more represented by my MP than with this MP.
I am so glad to have my MP come to a protest and talk about her pushing against scrapping GRA reform.

Nadia Whittome (Nottingham East, aged 23) is amazing.

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Taking the plunge today and starting to actually write parsing code for C.

It is currently 😱.

Mostly because connecting the theory of top-down parsing with actually writing code that does it is hard.
Even when the C standard comes with a grammar!

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