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I haven't got an audio interface yet not because I just haven't bought one, but because there is like a European shortage of them or something.

Everywhere is sold out still.

I got a new toy today. 🎸

( I play guitar, but not bass guitar )

I am now even more itching for a USB audio interface so I can track things and play along with myself.

My homeserver's disks are a bit spicy. πŸ”₯

I think I need some better monitoring.

I've used "Cockpit" at work, and its nice.
Perhaps I shall do some sysadmin stuff if it cools down this weekend.

Suggestions for better hard-disk monitoring tools? Perhaps share your smartd.conf?

I do really like this new "Phone appointments with doctors and dentists".

Its so much faster to get a chat, it's way easier to convince oneself to just get a phone appointment for reassurance on things you might otherwise just try to ignore until it gets bad enough to see someone.

Yeah, I think that's why I like big battery phones.

I don't have to think about managing it.

I know that how ever much I'm using it, it'll last at least a day. Apparently this one is 2 days and a half.

Worth mentioning that performance of the phone is solidly good.

I honestly haven't been left feeling like it is slow at all. But really any modern phone is fast enough for sending messages and browsing websites.

I guess performance is just not noticable. Like the battery, it just works well and I don't have to think about managing it.

The screen on this is pretty great.

The cameras are... idk, fine? Hard to rate phone cameras when Im always comparing them to DLSRs.

Just as a test, I haven't charged this new phone for 2 days.

It is currently on 10% battery, last fully charged on the morning of the 23rd. 7 hours screen-on time.

I am super glad that my last two phones have been battery monsters. It is super important and I resent that general phone design is razor thin, less than a day battery life.

This phone is still only 8mm thick, and 170mm (6.7") corner-to-corner.
Its got some heft, but it's not particularly noticable.

Its an Umidigi Power3.

Ein kind brauchen ein Feuerzeug?
Mehr mΓΆglich als du denkst. πŸ”₯

A child asking you for a lighter? More likely that you think.

Update in woes with messaging:

Matrix supports bridging lots of platforms (not as many as Bitlbee, but maybe less janky and easier to set up πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ ).

Setting up a Matrix-Synapse server isn't super hard, but it's like, a day's sysadmin.

I shall try it. Not sure if I want to set it up on a cloud server, or have it on my internal home system.
I'm thinking it'll live next to my Mastodon instance.

Games where you can only buy the soundtrack as a DLC in Steam. Ughhhhhh.

I don't have the game, I don't want the game, I just want the music!
Normally this comes about because my partner plays a game, or shows me a game.

Getting to work and checking pipeline runs like "I wonder in what way our CI system failed today..."

Looks like its DNS issues today, yesterday it was some issue with vSphere.

CI is great, but when it doesnt work, it costs so much developer productivity.

I realise that unification existed before with XMPP.

I'm mostly just noting how the number of different messaging options massively reduces the possibility that you'll get a reply out of me (and others).
Which is like, counterintuitive to how it feels like it should be.

Every service having a lock-in messaging system with no API is so damn frustrating.

I'd love to link all these platforms together in one unified place, but it's not in the companies best interest to allow 3rd party clients like that.

( Don't tell me about Bitlbee, it makes this easier, but every bitlbee plugin behaving differently, and the whole ecosystem being janky makes it hard )

Thinking about having _so many_ different messaging platforms exacerbates my existing problem with remembering to reply to people.

I find it so incredibly hard to remember to reply to people on Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, FB Messenger, Slack, Email, Twitter.....

Nowadays you're most likely to get me on WhatsApp, because what's the platform with the most people on for me atm. Although, email is a good bet.

I'm thinking about state machines ( finite automata ) in the context of compilers and wondering if I should make a programming language designed specifically to create state machines.

Apparently theres a few that exist - but I want one with syntax that is as nice for describing state machines as, say, Python is for writing small scripts.
i.e I don't want a mathsy academic language.

The place that really falls down is the lack of developer tooling, I really wish I had time to work on it.

's compiler has a 'profile' build type which makes the outputted binary generate a trace file when ran.[0]

The first 'viewer' for this profiler output hasnt been committed too since 2017 and doesnt work.[1]

There is also a profile to graphviz viewer, which also doesnt work at HEAD, but a previous revision works.[2]

Its honestly no surprise that hasnt had much uptake of users.




My GP surgery has finally managed to put up perspex in front of the reception desks to protect staff.

I can't believe how many months it's took them to do this, when my pharmacy had an entire perspex and wood box/airlock built behind their door within a week or so of lockdown πŸ˜„

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What do you call someone who starts a joke but doesn't finish it? 

The more I read of the Dragon Book, the more I think I'm never going to finish this compiler because there's always new ways to improve stuff.

I.e, having read a bunch this weekend, I have loads more ideas for the lexing section. But... I should really start writing the parsing section soon!

Perhaps I should have read the entire Dragon Book and Modern Compiler Dev before embarking on this journey.

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