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Taglichreport 🇩🇪 

Taglichreport 🇩🇪 

It makes me very angry at the attitude of the software development industry.

It is more and more required to LIVE software development. Spend all your time writing code, contributing to stuff, watching talks, going to conferences.

Thats not a reality lots of people want to or can do.

I'd love to consume more programming literature, and write more FOSS.
But I have a day job 9-5, and when it's done, I don't want to do more code related stuff 🤷‍♀️

Side not on that: Lots of day-job programmers don't have GitHub accounts. And it's garbage to require them to have one.

Job-specs which ask for a GitHub which shows OpenSource contributions are bad.

Even for jobs working in OpenSource software.

It favours people who: Have been allowed to contribute during previous jobs or people who contribute in their spare time.

People like me, who don't have enough spare time, or desire to do more programming, after a day of work programming, don't have bright green GitHub contrib graphs.

I have interests which are not programming, and that's super important to have!

I n ever really used my cajon before because whats the point of a drum that you can't lay down and play something else over.

Its really nice though, my uncle made it for me and its gorgeous.

Sad that I own a cajón, but its at my parents house and I won't be able to get it back any time soon.

I now have a microphone to record using it too!

Darn pandemic.

Gah, the more guitar I play, the more I watch videos of people making jams with themselves, the more I really want to get a bass guitar and a synth. 😩

I also want to get a tape-cassette recorder and make tape loops to jam over.

I have an XLR microphone 🎤 arriving today for voice and instrument recording.... but the audio interface is delayed until June, so I cant use it 😭.

Kinda fighting the desire to buy a cheapo phantom PSU and XLR->3.5mm cable now to make this gear semi-useful sooner.

No, Samathy, you can wait.

Yesterday we uncovered an old lable maker that we had stashed away.

A fitting first sticker for my recently purchased laptop.

Todo lists are fantastic - apart from when you don't do an item and it gets forever stashed in your backlog.

I have lots of filters in Todoist which *dont* show me overdue items - because otherwise my daily list would be miles long!

Then I have a filter to show me overdue items, so I can reschedule them.

Taglichreport 🇩🇪 

Taglichreport 🇩🇪 

Lol, imagine have a C compiler at the end of a network socket 😂

Stream me some chars and I'll turn it into an executable.

I like templates (, c++) but they do have a habit of getting incredibly complex when you just want to add a small little feature!

The templates in this lexer are here so you can run the lexer on anything that looks like an input range of characters.

So, array of strings, files, network socket even, I guess 🤷‍♀️

I should have written a working lexer before trying to make it generic.

I've spent this morning trying to figure this all out, I think this afternoon is gonna be partly rewriting some of the testing framework to be less awfully complex and templatey.

And then look at getting doc-comments into it.

Only a couple hours into working on my compiler and it feels like this is legacy code 😭

Theres a lot of complex templating going on - particularly the test harness stuff is uh... very hard to understand and change.

I think the actual lexer is reasonable code, but the testing code is horrifying.

Taglichreport 🇩🇪 

I am very happy to be talked into buying an analog synth.

I like the idea of a microkorg cos they're flexible and pretty! Also not expensive.

Caught myself looking at microkorgs on Ebay again today. Oops.

That could quite possibly be a thing I buy this year.

Which is what I said last year, and never got one.

I also want an electric bass guitar.

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