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I am still quite ill with a cold today.
So all I've done is tidy up my home office, clean out the bird and install Linux on my new Thinkpad.

I'm looking forward to using this laptop, its gonna be lovely.

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I kinda want to learn some lang-belta.
Memrise has a course.

Defo worried about imitating the ceres-dawes accent and just sounding racist though.

The more of The Expanse that I watch and read.

The more I realise that Amos is the best, most well written, deep character.

Mixed doubles was the most exciting, of course.
Especially since an English team were playing.

I watched some Badminton today with my dad and it was excellent fun.

Time for All England Open Badminton semi-finals 🏸

This weekend, I am going to perhaps the only remaining major sporting event in the UK that is still happening. The Badminton All England.

Not hugely excited. On account of the risk factor, and being ill still. But do not want to loose £££ tickets.

Last week was meant to be a week without meetings or events to go to in the evening.

I was excited about having time to do things at home. But that all went to shit by being ill and having to look after animals.

Positive things that happened:

I got a new camera lens.
I got a new laptop.

An upcoming conference is cancelled, meaning I don't loose money by deciding to not go.

This week has been somewhat of a disaster.

Both me and my partner have colds, so everything is hard.

I got worrying news at the GP, and then they promptly stopped all face-to-face appointments. So finding out what's going on is gonna be hard. It delays my trans timeline, I can't start a T blocker until this is figured out.

2 of our cats are sick. Not eating, diarrhea. Expensive vets trip essentially resulted in a πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ and some medicine.

I'd like to sleep it all off.

Got a new laptop with Windows 10 Professional on it today and I am excited to spend a whole evening obliterating it with Linux.

Mine and a couple of colleagues' Polycom VOIP phones decided yesterday to engage in daylight-savings time changes. β˜€οΈ πŸ•˜
Confusion ensued. Especially since it was JUST the Polycoms and not the Cisco phones. πŸ“ž

For some reason, despite having their locales set to London/Europe, they will only automatically do American daylight savings time changes, unless you manually tell it which dates to switch on. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I'm amused to see actors Atticus Mitchell and Kelly McCormack in The Expanse Season 3, after seeing them together in my other favorite sci-fi show, KillJoys.

They're both really good! Funny to see them acting in roles supporting each other in two different sci-fi shows.

This weekend was another "I have got lots of things done, but still didn't get all the things done that I wanted to do"

Not sure if thats because I didn't plan correctly, or just because I always have too much to get done.

I got less that 8 hours sleep Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Didn't have time for cleaning because I was doing other things, and still didn't get everything done.

The Acer has been great for the past few years! And it still works.

But the 4 hour battery, 4GB RAM and physical size no longer stand up to the usage pattern I have.

I finally bought the new laptop I've wanted for a couple years.

Thinkpad x270 (2017) 7th gen i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, double battery and FHD screen.

Itnis pretty much the same spec as my x270 I have for work πŸ˜„

I am very uncomfortable about spending Β£500 on it, but hopefully it'll keep me going for longer than the 2014, 4th gen i5, 4GB RAM Acer Aspire S3 has.

I do not want to hear about other, cheaper options, thanks.

Back on my photography workflow thing -

I exported the nextcloud directory on my server using nfs, instead of sshfs.
Editing photos in Darktable over the network seems to perform a lot better this way.

Its still not super fast to load the images. But thats to be expected running on WiFi-n.

Bonuses are that I can finally use Darktable to actually manage my library, because its all in the same place for once!

This is a difference of 10 years in camera lens design.

The right, released in 2002.
The left, released in early 2012.

Both Nikon 50mm primes, the newer one has aspherical optics and AutoFocus.


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