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The phone, as I understand, Is fully functional. But I got it from a friend ( who had it in a drawer for years ) and it has a security PIN on it that needs resetting.

So I can't actually use it without flashing it somehow.

After a talk at FOSDEM I was inspired to get out the Nokia N900 that I acquired a while ago and try actually getting it to work.

The n900 has a pretty active Maemo 5 OS community behind it - but its incredibly hard to actually find the flashing/updating tools that one needs to fix a slightly borked phone :(

They were made a available by Nokia, but alas, they are no longer online.

Today I finally fixed my sip-phone so I can actually make out-going calls.

Turns out it was a Virgin SuperHub thing AGAIN.
This router, and ISP, is so ridiculously bad for doing odd, non-standard stuff to your network and internet traffic.
Its broken so many things so far ~ DNS, VPN, SIP.....

Unfortunately, they're the only cable provider in the UK.

FOSDEM speakers have been really good at repeating the question before answering πŸ’― πŸ‘

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Due to a shortage of he/him and she/her pronouns, binary pronouns are being rationed out. Trans people are top priority for these pronouns, with cis people being forced to use alternate pronouns such as they/them until the shortage can be solved

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Surely there is a better way to display the #FOSDEM schedule than abstract art.

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Made new earrings today playing with the fact that LEDs are diods!

Will use those to communicate with friends!

"The solution I came up with was AST transformations."

In a Python talk, that's when you know the rest of the talk can't be used seriously.....

How do people watch tech-talk videos?

I often find that I cant listen to them while doing other things, because I only have so much attention, it ends up that I don't listen to the talk, OR, I don't get anything done.

But its hard to sit and watch a tech-talk video without wanting to do other things. πŸ™β€β™€οΈ

I feel like I'm going to be watching FOSDEM talks for days as soon as they're up.

I've missed some great sounding stuff because I went to other stuff.

Belgium has so many good versions of Lipton Iced Tea that are not available in the UK.

So far, Ginger and pomegranate was great.
Today, trying mango and passionfruit.

Done my schedule for @fosdem tomorrow and its looking CRAZY.

Which is...Good, right? 😬

Minor eroticism talk 

Minor eroticism talk 

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I can't wait to get my #Pinephone so I can text people "GNU phone, who dis?"

The result of this is that this morning, I am writing docs.

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Fediverse forecast for today, Thursday 30 January 2020: cybre, with 15% chance of broken unwarned uspol

My half-day at work has started with the server that runs our VPN and vSphere virtual machines being down.

Because it is wet and needs to be 'drained'. 😬

Similarly to my previous toot about people, there any other hackspace people going to @fosdem?

Its be cool to meet other people who run Hackspace's especially.

I will be the Nottingham Hackspace contingent going to Hackspace Brussels on Saturday.

Any people going to be at FOSDEM this weekend?

Has anyone suggested a casual meetup yet?

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