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I'm an idiot.
I changed one of my domains recently and by accident changed the @ A record to point to an incorrect, but almost correct, IP address.
That IP happens to point to someone else's Linux box, with an ssh server running.

So when my ssh Client complained about a MITM, but gave me a password prompt, I just assumed I couldn't remember the right password, or my ssh keys had got uninstalled, or the server had got taken over!

But no, its just because the domain pointed to somewhere else.

Kinda scary that mdadm has failed a disk in my RAID array, smartctl has been warning me about the disk's errors for months, but `smartctl -a /dev/sdd` still gives me a PASSED.

I mean, the disk is fine right? I should just tell mdadm to shut up and keep putting my precious data onto it. πŸ™ƒ

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Maintaining my servers and writing scripts for automating some of my home stuff is another thing I'd like to have more time to do.

My OpenVPN server is currently broken.
My IRC bouncer is currently broken.
This mastodon instance hasn't been updated in a while.

And there are plenty of things I want to set up too!
But its all more computer stuff after a week of computer stuff.

Oops, one of my server's hard drives has failed - I guess I know what I'm doing over lunch tomorrow. πŸ’Ώ πŸ–₯

Some of these disks have 100s of hours on them because they're from a friends old server, so having had 2 of them fail in less than 12 months isn't surprising.

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@s @PINE64 I have recently been trying out #dlang on AVR devices and basically everything just worked after a little bit of configuration. And of course rewriting the preprocessor macros. Still don't have a nice library solution for interrupt handlers but if you know how to create them, they work already.

PineTime runs on a Cortex-M processor so it's a lot more powerful and also a different architecture, but I think that will be quite fun to get working. Especially getting debugging to work then will be something cool.

Maybe this kind of stuff fits in a DConf talk as well? :p

See for my libc "port" for AVR


This is after at the end of last year I ( thanks to a collegue ) finally figured out why DNS wasnt working properly for machines on my work's VPN when I was at home.

Because Virgin serves a useless search page instead of NXDOMAIN when it's DNS servers can't resolve an address.

If you have this issue, turn off Virgin Advanced Search.

Today in 'Virgin Media likes to fuck with your internet connection':

Since I switched to Virgin I havent been able to push/fetch or do anything to GitHub over ssh. Https works fine.

Turns out, Virgin does some funky shit in the name of Child Safe, and blocks ssh to GH.

I just confirmed that turning off Child Safe on Virgin Media makes pushing/pulling work as expected.

Services that advise you of the 'strength' of your choosen password but only allow 10 characters and no symbols: 😩

Even with the constant peer pressure to make cool software side projects, it's not enough to encourage me to stare at some code instead of enjoying other things I don't already do 9-5, 5 days a week.

I was asked to finish off some PRs I have open against a FOSS project and I'm just procrastinating on it.

Its kinda proof that doing programming for my day job is enough for me, and working on code in my spare time is so hard. Even if I do really want to do it, and do enjoy programming fun projects. Doing it 5 days a week is enough.

I am actually gonna do it this time though, because I have a responsibility to finish PRs I opened in early 2018.

Don't get me wrong, I love the NHS.
But a bunch of these problems are SO FRUSTRATING and loving the NHS and knowing they're understaffed doesn't make them not frustrating.

Especially when this could just be an automated system, but instead I gotta take up a GP's time to request a repeat of something another GP already authorised.

There are several problems here:

1: Why do I have to do the leg work to get a REPEAT prescription filled.
Its a repeat, it says on it when it needs repeating and how many I can have.
Why isn't that automated properly?

2: Why did the GP have the wrong repeat date?
3: Why did I have to call them to find out? I could have just been waiting for days without meds.
It should be GP replies to pharmacy saying they can't fulfill. Pharmacy calls me.
4: 20 mins in a hold queue.

3: Call GP, wait 20 mins on hold.
3.5: GP hasn't replied to prescription request, because they think it isn't due until the 17th. Despite their system showing that 56, twice daily tablets, issued on the 22nd Nov run out precisely today.
Assured the email will be replied too today.

Hopefully the GP does reply today, before the closure of the pharmacy this afternoon.
Hopefully the pharmacy has some Estrogen in stock, cos if they don't ima have to wait.

It's that time every 3 months where I have to jump the NHS hurdles to getting a prescription filled.

This time:
1: (Tuesday afternoon) Go to pharmacy to tell them to ask my GP for a repeat prescription.
2: (Thursday) Call pharmacy to ask if prescription arrived - No. No email reply from GP, so no meds to collect.

Continued below.


Hackaday does a good job for fueling the feeling that anything I make is insignificant and rubbish - because so many people with actual professional skills and lots of time due to a singular hobby ( which often is the same skillset as their job ) make such perfect things which get all the publicity.

Hacker News also does this extremely well.

I mean, it's not surprising that making PCBs is still complicated.

Its more annoying that Hackaday makes it look like it's something every maker should just *know* how to do.

*See cool project*
*Frustrated that it requires a degree in electronics to make*

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