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It is really nice to see a circuit diagram online and go 'I have everything on there but maybe 2 things'.

I normally wouldnt advocate for over-buying.
But when getting 20 chips is a couple of pounds more than getting 5, I might as well get them and put them in my component drawers.

Having a well stocked electronics shelf is really, really nice when it comes to wanting to make a new thing.

It means that I don't really have to buy much, ever.

The startup cost of the new project is _much_ lower, because I already have loads of things.

So when I do have to buy something ( today, an IC for audio reverb/delay ) I over buy, so I have some in stock for the next project.

Most electronics components are really, really cheap. So you can totally buy 4x what you need.

No one really needed to know all this, but it struck me yesterday just how silly its gotten.

All the animals know when it's morning time and everyone comes out to see me on the 1st floor when I come down (apart from the bird, he just starts making small peeps from the office room).

Our silly morning animal routine:

Come downstairs from bedroom, one cat following, Phil.

Stop on the first floor to feed the rabbit 🐰, so excited she knocks food out my hand.

Go into the office and wake the parrot up, immidiate *peep peep peep* 🐦.

Continue to the ground floor, cat 2, Millie, is waiting on the stairs. Or cat 3, Zelda follows from the landing.

Phil and Zelda at their bowls, feed them.
Millie in the kitching making lots of noise. Feed her.

Relax to the sound of gobbling.

Leute liebe meine gedanken Über Cyberpunk, wow, danke @rixx πŸ˜‚

So many notifications, hello new folks.

It's particularly weird that cyberpunk is presented as this highly awesome technologically augmented human society, when really cyberpunk is about the increased gap between the masses and the elite. With the elite using technology to control, oppress and observe the masses under the guise of technology being useful.

We see cyberpunk as humans having augmentations - but really cyberpunk would be *not* having augmentations in a world where most people do.

Because cyberpunk is rejecting the norm of letting big corps and the powerful few control your life.

Just like today where the _most_ cyberpunk people are those using Tor, coreboot, turning off the TPM, disabling WiFi and blowing open closed source firmware.
Not people with Google Glass & and an Internet connected toaster/car/watch.

imo, federation is the future of social media.

The future as it should be, I can't predict if we'll end up with ActivityPub _actually_ being in use by the general public, but its what it _should_ be.

It just seems like the best way of doing basically anything that involves subscribing to feeds.
Be that short-form text, long-form text, video etc.

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Back pain ? Stress ? Anxiety ? Lack of sleep ?

You might be suffering from capitalism. See your local union to see how you may be able to get helped and fight.

β˜• Coffee β˜• 

β˜• Coffee β˜• 

I am still practicing the pendants really. Trying to solve all the technical design problems and get the manufacturing process down.

Did fairly well today. They're quite nice. Still some improvements to be had though.

Split my evening between making some LED jewellery at the hackspace, showing @iguana around the hackspace, and then going home and finishing watching the film 'Labyrinth' .

Its been real nice, no stress evening.

The hacking on electronic jewellery is a good break from working on a computer.

The film is a classic I'd never seen before.

Of course, silver-iodide helps with over-granulation. But its unlikely that a GP would prescribe that just so one can have piercings.

When I had to go to hospital to get one removed they were quite annoyed with me

'Silly girl, putting metal in body then wondering why body doesnt like it'

Got reminded how I used to have piercings and now I don't.

Its really frustrating that I used to have them, loved having them, but my body just really hates having piercings.

I'd like to try again at some point, snakebites are ace, kinda curious how an eyebrow piercing would looks.

But, concerned that I'd just end up with over-granulation again and that was bad times.

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We tried to wash the feet of our rabbit-in-residence today.
She got upset and splashed about so much she ended up being soaked all over.

I am very happy with the term rabbit-in-residence though. She's not ours.
Also perhaps 'Kurzzeit-kaninchen' but we have at this point had her for quite a while. 🐰

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Masculine: Master
Feminine: Mistress
Neutral: Mattress

Not sure if meeting people who are tired, while you yourself are tired is something to reccomend or not.

But the experience from has resulted in some fairly close and fulfilling friendships that were all made while absolutely exhausted.

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