Neunundneunzig.... EINHUNDERT! πŸ’―
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I've actually done more days of German on Memrise, but Duolingo allows you to miss a day (or 2 at weekends!) before the streak breaks, Memrise streaks break after one failed day.

@Clipsey Oh, on further investigation, is it just Glimpse NX that gets D?

I can't find any code for it, I guess its secret atm?

I didn't realise new code for Glimpse was

I am suddenly at least 60% more interested in participating in development.

@nikita BOSS pedals are not so bad - because a lot of them are fairly unique.
Other manufacturers base their work on BOSS.

Except that BOSS like to make revisions of their own old pedals.
Then you end up with old BOSS pedals being megabucks despite being largely similar to the new ones.

@nikita Distortions are the most infuriating.

Because a distortion/overdrive/clean drive/Fuzz is basically just an op-amp and a few diodes.

Maybe a high-pass or low-pass filter.

They're all remarkably similar and super simple.

Most of them are trying to replicate a sound from a different drive pedal, which is replicating a sound from some other drive pedal, which is trying to sound like a Marshall Tube amp from 10 years prior.

New and interesting guitar pedals are all well over Β£100. Some into the multiple 100s.

Probably because they're basically small computers with complicated digital audio processing algorithms and synthesis chips.

As opposed to the boxes of passive resistors, diodes and ICs designed in 1970.

What is it with the music industry's obsession with sounding like 'the old days'.

I've just seen a Boss CS-3 pedal mod where someone replaced resistors, caps and diodes because Boss updated the pedal with different SMD components.

It seems like 80% of guitar pedals are just a remake of some pedal from 1989 which is based on a pedal from 1979 itself is a remake of a 1971 pedal replicating the sound of a broken amp from 1969.

Well, when I say "Its here" I mean "Its in my house".

I dont actually know where it is. The library software doesnt tell me that.

Why do I have library software for my personal library?

Because I forget if I own books, or If I borrowed it, or if I thought about buying it and then didn't.

I just now had to check to see if I bought a book of if I never did.
I did buy it! Its here!

"Xxxx Xxxx will be leaving with immediate effect."

OMG what did they do to get fired, TELL MEEEEEEE

Old tasks in Todoist are basically forgotten about for me.
Because I never have time to go scrolling through the Overdue list and reschedule them.

I know they're there, I'll remember them when ive got time and just get them done.
Or they just never get done and before irrelevant.

Todoist is so close to capturing what I want, but it basically always ends up as a pile of old todos I didn't get done on the day I added them.

Briefly thinking about productivity/planning apps:

I like Todoist, it's the best I've found so far.

However, the biggest problem I have with planning apps is how quickly they themselves become a task to manage.

If you're like me, apps gradually collect a clutter of tasks that you forgot to check off, never completed or never rescheduled.
Old tasks and projects become irrelevant.

You have to make time to manage your stack of stale todos, instead of just writing a new list for today.

@iguana I am 100% totally certainly sure that I probably shouldn't ask to have it.

But given that you know what controllers you've tried that failed, and that ThinkPad displays have a good reputation for controllers being available....I'm tempted.

Does the display work when it is connected to the proper laptop motherboard?

This is after last year, where it got to 36 in our bedroom because of that greenhouse window.

Oh, I've also kept my server turned off in my office.

We have quite successfully kept the house a chilly 23 degrees C during this 34 degree outside heat.

We've managed this by buying and fitting blackout blinds and curtains.

Keeping all curtains, blinds and
windows shut.

Installing some plastic board covered in tin-foil on a single-pain skylight ( which made the stairs a greenhouse ).

We do currently have a 'portable' aircon but its unlikely that made a difference to anything but the box room its in. Its there to keep the chinchillas cool.

I wrote a song that uses bar chords but I'm not very good at playing bar chords 😢

Playing bar chords is something I've struggled with since I played classical guitar.... So, a long time ago.


Medical, boring photo 



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