I am photographing Dublin pride today.

Its another pride where I've cried behind the camera. The events in the US and Oslo probably contributed to me having a lot of *feelings* today.

Just in case anyone was unsure - we still need pride. Pride is a protest. We will fight together for the rights of LGBT people, women and people of colour until we're safe from those who seek to harm us.

Sieve email filtering scripts feels like one of those things where you spend an hour or so getting it to work, and then never touch it again for fear it might all fall over.

Packing for Emf is an exercise in bringing fun hacker things to do, like lockpicks and circuit sculpture stuff, while resisting the urge to pack my entire workshop.

I am going to EMF camp on Thursday.

I'm super excited, a little anxious that I have nothing exciting to bring or run there when it seems like everyone else does.

I shall be helping to run Nottinghack's bar robot, breakfast bar and workshop tent as well as other Nottinghack bits.

Really looking forward to seeing so many hackers in one place.

@gsuberland @DanHatesNumbers I'm glad you got it all in! I feel slightly bad for the amount of NH stuff we packed in, hope fitting your stuff wasnt too much of a challenge.

I have absolutely no idea what to wear - obviously I really want to wear what teenage me would have worn if she'd realised she was a girl and MCR were still touring.

But I feel like it'll be way too cold outside to be in short skirts, boobs out.

I'll be seeing them sober too because we're driving there and back on the same night. Which is a bit rubbish ( no chemical help curbing the anxiety )- but honestly I probably feel better driving there and back than having to negotiate getting from venue to hotel and then home the following day.

I'm going to see My Chemical Romance tomorrow night.

I am excited, and nervous.

This is my first gig in a long time, and it being; outdoors, a long way away, and a big band gives me some anxiety.
I was meant to see a few bands recently, but they've all fell through :(

Hopefully the event isnt *too* overwhelming.

I am really looking forward to seeing MCR live, a teenage dream right there.

I passed my roller derby minimum skills today!

I am now considered safe to scrim! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

My journey was pretty bad, btw.

The train just got later and later until they cancelled it 2 stops early and i had to catch a replacement service.

I arrived an hour later than intended, luckily i didnt miss the important, happens only once, event that I had.

Trans healthcare/medication 

The train im getting this morning is *already* 10 mins delayed and its not even 8am yet.

It is also a BR class 158 that I'm on for....3 hours.

Ugh, british railways.

@theheadofabroom It started as a nickname in maybe...2008/9. By 2010/11 there were people who did not know me by any other name.

I procrastinated on doing the deed poll for a long time because I wasnt sure what to do about a middle name, and also because changing my name felt like a scary step.

But yeah, pre-2018 I was going by "Samathy" everywhere I could.

Annoyingly, my deed poll isnt dated. So I had to use a combo of chat history with my partner, and Google maps Timeline to find out.

By deed-poll, Samathy is 4 years, 2 months and 7 days old.

( I had to go find my deed-poll signing date for *reasons*, even though I've been using my name full time since about 2011 )

Complaining about the NHS 

Made scrim tops for my first roller derby game on Sunday!

Electrical tape on some cotton tops.

I ordered some arm bands with my number on, but it doesnt look like they'll arrive in time. So sharpie on the arms it'll have to be!

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