@iguana I honestly don't care about the weather, as long as its daylight when I wake up and not getting dark until its bedtime, that's good with me!

I learnt to skateboard tonight!

My partner and I went skateboarding and rollerblading around a small local industrial estate.

I have never skateboarded before.
Doing it as my one daily allowed exercise seems like a good reason to finally learn.

This is probably just a regular "I need more time" post.

Those happen a lot.

I need more time. Too much to do, not enough time to do it.

Memrise keeps reminding me that I'm "Loosing progress".

I knowwww, I have so little brain space for language learning atm.
Life seems to be weighing so heavy atm and has been all of 2020 so far.

EMFCamp is cancelled.

Which is bittersweet - its the right decision.

Myself and a lot of other Nottinghack hackers have put a lot of time into getting ready for the event.

We get more time to make something awesome by next time though!

@rixx I did this recently - spent loads of money on BandCamp buying all the albums that I'd been putting off.


UK lockdown, covid-19 

@rixx I can show you my folder-hook method which works almost perfectly with mutt.

It just...doesnt work with neomutt.

Does anyone use neomutt and have it configured to use multiple email accounts from different providers?

I want to be able to switch between accounts.

I use a folder-hook method with mutt, but that doesnt seem to work properly in neomutt, I'm kinda expecting that I'm doing it all wrong.

Thinking about writing some fabric scripts to automate homeserver and personal VPS server tasks.

I get to apply things I've learned in my day job, to my personal infrastructure \o/

Mostly I want to automate backing up of Mastodon, and some general mastodon maintenance commands.

@rixx etcdkeeper is similar enough to the system I use for my dotfiles that I just ended up using that!

gnu-stow all the configs in /etc and everywhere else that I care about, stick the stow directory in a git repo, include it in my backups πŸ’―

etcdkeeper is worth knowing about though.

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Periodic reminder: Use your words, people.

@ashfurrow Its such a wonderful episode!! One of DS9's best.

To test the theory, I opened the Masterlock combo bike chain lock on my partner's bike with my eyes closed.

My method was correct for the type of lock, so i think my neighbour's lock was broken.

In theory, you can tension a lock like that and the free-er moving numbers are likely to be in the combination.

But the first 2 dials had waaay more movement than the last ones. I am guessing the lock got damaged in the recent pretty-bad storm weather we've had here.

Started my afternoon today by attempting to decode, and then sawing apart a combo bike lock for a neighbour.

It was a Beeway brand chain with combo.
5 dials, neighbour was sure of the code, but it wasn't working.

When tensioned, the last 3 dials defiantly had free-er movement on the expected numbers than the rest, but the first two just kinda spun fairly freely regardless of the amount of tension.

I hypothesised that it was kinda broken. Hacksawing the chain took about 30 mins.

Installing MoinMoin is once again making me think about how to manage systemwide config files.

Considering implementing gnu stow + git for as much of the config on my server as possible, because when it comes to maintaining any one server, I can guarantee I will forget what I changed, and have no backups of configs if it all catches fire.

I may end up writing something to do zim to moinmoin conversion.
Because obviously, the wiki syntax is different....

I installed it because I have outgrown using Zim-wiki. Which is great, but you gotta figure out how to sync across devices it yourself, and you cant access the data on someone else's computer.

MoinMoin is on my homeserver and, via VPN, is accessible from anywhere πŸ’―

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