I need to start journaling again.

When I was doing it last year, it was a really, really good way of being my own therapist.

Yanno, just working out what I'm thinking/feeling. Telling it to someone. Making it cohesive, rather than just a ball of brain weasels.

Today I discovered that Dunlop/Woods type inner tube valves are secret option C.

My partner has a bike from 1991 with Dunlop tubes. I thought they were Schrader tubes and bought the wrong ones to replace a punctured one πŸ™

Patched the tube instead, bought some Dunlop ones. Lessons learned!

Not really using Facebook really does shut me out of a bunch of communities I'd like to be more involved in.

Events are organised, conversations conducted, but I don't see them because I'm not checking Facebook every day,

Even if I do check Facebook, my feed is so full of absolute garbage ads and sponsored posts, Its hard to see any page/group posts anyway.

Wow, existing feels exhausting this week.

I possibly have got bike wheel/tyre combination that is hard to get inner tubes for.

They're deepish wheels that need ~50+mm presta valve tubes.

But my tyres are 700x35c and it appears to be impossible to get 700x35c tubes with valves longer than 40mm.

Continental make a 'Cross28' tube that is 700x35-47x, presta 60mm which looks like it'd solve my problem. But they're quite difficult to find online.

@rixx Ahhh, this is one of my favorite aspects of German :D

I mean, in my somewhat limited vocabulary anyway.

Later this week:

* Change the disk brake pads ( if they need changing ).
* Re-index gears.
* Try to get that pannier rack bolt out somehow and replace it. Probably requires a Dremel.

I successfully changed my bikes tyres last night!
It wasn't too hard, however:

I bought the wrong inner tubes - My bikes wheels are deepish rims. The valves on the tubes I bought are too short. I used the old tubes.

I got oil on my handlebar tape πŸ™

I sheared a bolt attaching the pannier rack. I was trying to get the rack off to make putting the rear wheel back in easier. Rust is a bother πŸ™„

The rear gears now need re-indexing. Pulling the rear derailleur about ruined it.

@breakthesystem Ghost in the Shell ( 2017 ) is on Netflix now!

If you can get past the 'Based on an anime/manga but they cast a white woman as the lead' thing, its really good.

@breakthesystem ☺️

I don't use Komoot much yet, but hopefully I'll do some longer distance touring with Komoot soon!

@breakthesystem Hi! Do you happen to be on Strava/Komoot for tracking your cycle rides?

If you don't mind ( and it is entirely fine if you do mind ), I'd like to follow your adventures!

Not releasing the Ghost in the Shell ( 2017 ) film OST on it's own is a crime against film OSTs.

Good film. Incredible sound track.

I took my floorboards up and didnt find any buried treasure, or bodies.

Kinda disappointed. Just pipes, cables and bricks down there.

The case is an old, cheap, CoolerMaster case.

One day I'll switch this machine to my Fractal Node 804, which would contain the 6 drive server machine much more comfortably.


But rebuilding my server in a different case just to make cable management easier is not something I'm super keen to do.

Perhaps when the day comes to retire this old AMD AM3+ motherboard, or when I switch to 5 * 2TB RAID array ( 5 * 1TB at the moment ).

A while ago the power supply in my home server explosively let out the magic smoke ( BANG! *puff* ).

I put a new PSU in the computerbox today and was very pleased to see that nothing else died in the 'splosion.

Disks are all okay!

I was, however, reminded how horrible it is to work in a PC case with no cable management provisions and 6 SATA storage drives.


I was considering getting some frame bags today also - but decided I should prooooobly wait until I actually have a trip planned before just buying stuff I don't need.

I've been pondering about replacing my bike's disk-brake pads because they've probably never been replaced.

Bought some new ones, along with the new inner tubes I need for the new tyres.

Gonna be another bike-maintenance week next week folks.

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