Today was good!
I was at the hackspace all afternoon working on pendents, spending time with @iguana and doing a bunch of sorting and tidying with another fellow hacker.

I made a blue pendent for a friend that turned out really well.

We discovered that Nottinghack has an obscene amount of (mostly sorted and labeled) integrated circuits in some cardboard boxes. Various kinds.

Today I went to a retro video games fair.
I came home with a PlayStation (SCPH-1002, PAL), Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider Chronicles & 3 fancy semi-transparent Japanese PlayStation memory cards.

I'm still missing Tomb Raider, The last Revelation on PlayStation, and Angel of Darkness on PS2.

Later we went to a board games shop, where I found this 1987 Star Trek Compendium.

Finally, we visited Nottingham's Goose Fair.

Busy day!

Ich in der Regen und Dunklen gerannt, mit The Expanse Musik. Es war Awesome!

Super atmospheric and gritty and just fantastic.

I swapped the battery in my 2014 laptop because laptops haven't increased in power, or screen tech enough that I really need to get a new one.

Its a i5-4200u with a 1080p IPS screen. It only has 4GB of RAM, but I rarely fill that up.

The battery was very, very dead though. Miss-reporting it's capacity and just conking out at random times.

β˜• Coffee β˜• 

Split my evening between making some LED jewellery at the hackspace, showing @iguana around the hackspace, and then going home and finishing watching the film 'Labyrinth' .

Its been real nice, no stress evening.

The hacking on electronic jewellery is a good break from working on a computer.

The film is a classic I'd never seen before.

is so good.

Conference introduction includes "Use whatever toilet you wish, don't be awful to people, we have people who might not consider themselves ladies or gentlemen."

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