I learnt to skateboard tonight!

My partner and I went skateboarding and rollerblading around a small local industrial estate.

I have never skateboarded before.
Doing it as my one daily allowed exercise seems like a good reason to finally learn.

Rodents, chinchillas 

Rodents, chinchillas 

Selfie, ec, rodents 

Mixed doubles was the most exciting, of course.
Especially since an English team were playing.

I watched some Badminton today with my dad and it was excellent fun.

This is a difference of 10 years in camera lens design.

The right, released in 2002.
The left, released in early 2012.

Both Nikon 50mm primes, the newer one has aspherical optics and AutoFocus.


I a proper haircut for the first time in quite a while and I'm very very pleased with it πŸ’―

There's nothing like seeing photos you took displayed really prominently!

I took those images on the board to the right last year.
Back again today to shoot an event here today!

(No tickets left)

Parrot Posting 🐦 

One of the other hackspacer taught me and a couple of others to use KiCAD tonight.

I made a super simple astable 555 circuit, but it was great! I feel confident enough to tackle more PCB designs now for future projects :D
Its not actually that hard when you know what the buttons do and what all the terms used are.

When someone messages me with a dodgy link and a few days later says "Dont click the link, I was hacked" - My reply is normally this gif.

I clicked the link, in a VM, it was very uninspiring. Didn't ask for my data or anything, just a video on Facebook....

Did not sign in to Facebook to view it though, obviously.

One of my friends acquired 2 industrial LED matrix displays for me 😍

They work, run off regular wall power, and have a CAT5 with RJ45 connector on, but who knows how one goes about controlling them πŸ˜„
It'll be a fun adventure.

I bought a weird padlock today.
I thought it was a wafer lock at first.

But the back of the box says "Lever mechanism".
Doesn't look like a lever key though so πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Perhaps the levers are just really far apart?

Not really sure how to tension and pick this thing. Fairly sure I don't have the tools if it's a lever lock.

Oh, life update.
Last night I played DnD with some other hackspacers.
3 of whom had never played a role playing game before!

Good fun. Finishing the campaign in a couple weeks.

I've never played DnD with terrain and models and stuff, so that was interesting too.

Oh, here's a commodore PET which resides at Nottinghack and recently got cleaned and repaired.

Todoist did a Year in Review thing which is really cool!

I am very much not a morning person, clearly.
The task completion graph by time aligns well with how long it takes me to get into the day and actually be productive.

Scary monster suit 

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