Pocket reminding me of my bad habit: Saving articles and never reading them.

Yesterday we uncovered an old lable maker that we had stashed away.

A fitting first sticker for my recently purchased laptop.

Eye contact, selfie 

Eye contact, selfie 

Luci installed seamlessly!

Thats all folks.
I its now just down to me to play about with the settings and deploy this as a Virgin Superhub replacement to see if I like it.

Enjoy the blinkenlights.

(Video contains flashing lights.)

๐ŸŽ‰ We did it! ๐ŸŽ‰

Now to get this thing an internet connection and install the web interface, Luci.

Big steps this afternoon! Served a boot image over PXE, booted RAM-based OpenWRT image, and now preparing the flash!

30 mins and some soldering and I have the wires for getting serial attached!

It works too :D

Soldering wires to tiny pads is hard and they're not super strong.
Time for hot glue.

I'm an idiot! There is an A in a circle on the silkscreen.

I bet that refers to the A revision that keeps being mentioned.

Feeling more confident that the barely labeled CPU is the CPU as described by OpenWRT.

The board photos on the Openwrt page show an Atheros chip with the same number as mine ( AR9227 ), but the description talks about an AR9287.

I guess they're probably similar enough that I might not have to worry about it.

The other wireless chip on my board is the same as described in the Openwrt article though, so that's good.

The wireless chip is also not the Atheros chip I expected.

But at least it is Atheros ( lots of FOSS support! )

The main CPU is clearly not the same as the one on the Openwrt guide.

I don't understand the branding and a search on the chip number doesn't bring up anything that seems correct.

The board revision is 4.10 - No indication of RevA or RevB as described in the Openwrt article. Assuming it's some other revision!

A bit of force got the case open - but opening it irreparably breaks the plastic clips.
So I'm glad PlusNet won't want this back.

My bird finally discovered the swing.
He has had it for many, many months. ๐Ÿฆ

He was even foraging for sunflower seeds in the blue foraging box!

I've been learning to skateboard over the past couple weeks. It's going really well!

I was using a full sized skateboard, but today I felt like I'd got good enough to try using the jelly-bean coloured penny board I bought years ago. It's white plastic with translucent plastic yellow, green, red and blue wheels.

It went really well tonight! The smaller board feels much more stable, and a lot easier to turn in both directions.

My photography work is in Hackaday this morning.

It is not for good reasons, but its pretty cool to see a photo I took on such a major site.

The video at the bottom of the post is also basically a slide-show of my photos.

Please help save the National Videogame Museum if you can spare some change!


The Dark Sky weather app has been bought by Apple and they're discontinuing the Android app.

I've paid for Dark Sky for years on Android and web and it is absolutely excellent, this is a rubbish move and I'm grumpy about it.

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