I'm going to see My Chemical Romance tomorrow night.

I am excited, and nervous.

This is my first gig in a long time, and it being; outdoors, a long way away, and a big band gives me some anxiety.
I was meant to see a few bands recently, but they've all fell through :(

Hopefully the event isnt *too* overwhelming.

I am really looking forward to seeing MCR live, a teenage dream right there.

I'll be seeing them sober too because we're driving there and back on the same night. Which is a bit rubbish ( no chemical help curbing the anxiety )- but honestly I probably feel better driving there and back than having to negotiate getting from venue to hotel and then home the following day.

I have absolutely no idea what to wear - obviously I really want to wear what teenage me would have worn if she'd realised she was a girl and MCR were still touring.

But I feel like it'll be way too cold outside to be in short skirts, boobs out.

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