By deed-poll, Samathy is 4 years, 2 months and 7 days old.

( I had to go find my deed-poll signing date for *reasons*, even though I've been using my name full time since about 2011 )

Annoyingly, my deed poll isnt dated. So I had to use a combo of chat history with my partner, and Google maps Timeline to find out.

@s Was going to say, I thought I remembered you always (since I met you at least, which was definitely longer than 4 years ago) being Samathy. I can't imagine any other name fitting!

@theheadofabroom It started as a nickname in maybe...2008/9. By 2010/11 there were people who did not know me by any other name.

I procrastinated on doing the deed poll for a long time because I wasnt sure what to do about a middle name, and also because changing my name felt like a scary step.

But yeah, pre-2018 I was going by "Samathy" everywhere I could.

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