I possibly have got bike wheel/tyre combination that is hard to get inner tubes for.

They're deepish wheels that need ~50+mm presta valve tubes.

But my tyres are 700x35c and it appears to be impossible to get 700x35c tubes with valves longer than 40mm.

Continental make a 'Cross28' tube that is 700x35-47x, presta 60mm which looks like it'd solve my problem. But they're quite difficult to find online.

@s What country are you in? Specialized's "Road Standard" comes in a 700x32-50mm w/ 60mm stem. Fairly cheap, seem to be in stock in a lot of US stores, at least. (These are typically what I carry as my backup tubeless tube on group rides, since it'll fit most anyone's cross/gravel/adv/touring ride.)

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