A while ago the power supply in my home server explosively let out the magic smoke ( BANG! *puff* ).

I put a new PSU in the computerbox today and was very pleased to see that nothing else died in the 'splosion.

Disks are all okay!

I was, however, reminded how horrible it is to work in a PC case with no cable management provisions and 6 SATA storage drives.

The case is an old, cheap, CoolerMaster case.

One day I'll switch this machine to my Fractal Node 804, which would contain the 6 drive server machine much more comfortably.

But rebuilding my server in a different case just to make cable management easier is not something I'm super keen to do.

Perhaps when the day comes to retire this old AMD AM3+ motherboard, or when I switch to 5 * 2TB RAID array ( 5 * 1TB at the moment ).

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