Thinking about how hard it is to see an NHS doctor and wanting to complain about that.

But knowing that it is totally intentional that the NHS experience is terrible so that we get converted to thinking private medical would be better.

It just feels like at every single step the NHS keeps trying to get you to go away and leave them a alone.

Not enough reception staff, so calling means 20 mins on hold.

No scheduling appointments in the near future, only TODAY NOW or months away.

Constantly getting sent to see nurses instead of doctors.

Having to call to find out your negative/all okay test results to continue investigating.

Doctors try everything to avoid sending you to a specialist clinic.

Everything is a battle.

But its all entirely intentional, because the current government wish we'd all start going "Hey, if I could just pay to get an appointment with who I want, when I want..." so that they can scrap the NHS and require us to pay.

I wish I could optionally donate more of my salary to the NHS and away from whatever pot of money goes on MP salaries and royal yachts.

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