Has anyone on fedi used Ubuntu Studio for music things? 🎵

How good is it? Is there anything better?

Configuring Arch for Ardour/Jack/VSTs etc is a pain when I just want to make music and put it into my computer.

@s I used it about 12 years ago, and by then, it was a pain. Supposedly, it's become a lot more useable since then, though. I think @y6nH uses it productively? :flan_think:

@LouInABox @s I used it for a while, and what I didn't like was the time it took for new package updates to get to the repos. I switched to Manjaro, since @unfa recommended it. Now I have really fast package updates (same as Arch), but it's not as stable, and some important hardware doesn't work. Like the USB audio interface, the printer, and the Nvidia graphics. I'm fed up with it, and I'm switching back to an Ubuntu-based distro. I might go for Pop!OS, Mint, or Ubuntu Studio again.

@LouInABox @s YMMV, but I found Ubuntu-based distros much better for getting stuff done.

@y6nH @LouInABox @s Same, I've recently switched back from OpenSuse to Kubuntu because the former is a faff, it's really well engineered but it's like using a distro from the early 2000s, you have to install codecs to watch videos for goodness sake

Kubuntu took half an hour from writing the USB stick to having a system ready to do work on - it's all just there, install and go

@s I tried it out recently on a live USB to test latency. By default it didn't really get any lower than I was getting on Arch with Pipewire, so I didn't look much further. There's definitely a lot of tweaking that could be done with Jack that I didn't dive into when it didn't work immediately.

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