Introducing collectd was a blessing and a curse.
My disk hates it.

I wonder if there is a way to tell collectd to report stats ( to influxdb ) but not bother storing many on disk.

I don't really need collectd to store stats AND influxdb to also store them. Influx is much easier on disk writes.

I'm not super worried about the writes on spinning rust in my server, but running collectd on my network infrastructure with fragile ( and kinda old ) flash memory seems like a recipe for failed flash.

@s maybe node exporter and Prometheus could help you there. It does manly the same and the footprint is very low.

@leah 'node exporter' and 'Prometheus' are not things I know about ( and they're hard to google ). Do you have any links?

@s node_exporter is part of the project and there are exporters for nearly everything.

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