Ugh, today is a very "Whats the point, I dont have time to do anything I love. Whats the point of existing if I spend all my time working or doing chores/life-admin."

I keep seeing things online about how the ~40 hour work week only works if everyone has someone else to do the unpaid, underappreciated home-labour.

Its all well and good that people know this model is falling apart - but how do I FIX it?

I'm 25.

I feel like I'm just waiting for when I'm supposed to start having enough time to both earn enough to be comfortable AND have enough free time to do things I enjoy.

But so far, I am absolutely exhausted of watching my weeks disappear to working, cooking and eating. Then my weekends get filled with chores and recovering from the week.

Winter is certainly a contributing factor to my anger at this.

Its dark before I finish work, so by the time I have a tiny slither of free time in the evening, it feels like its past midnight, and its freezing cold.

Its much easier to be motivated to do hobbies when its still daylight at 8pm.

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