How is it so hard to just buy sheet music.

I just want to buy one goddamn song, as a PDF which I can view digitally or print at my leisure.

I dont want a subscription to your sheet music service.

I dont want a digital copy to view only in your app.

I don't want to sign up to a patreon and get MIDI score, Sibelius and ... XML??? .

I just want to pay a one-time payment, for a DRM free piece of music that I can play at home.

The answer to my question is "Because digital rights have completely ruined the concept of just owning a copy of a thing".

I can't just buy a copy and do what I want with it, I have to either continuously pay a subscription, pay for lots of stuff I dont need, or pay for a copy I can only view digitally at the publisher's leisure.


"Cant you just buy the music in a book?"

I can't exactly get the Animal Crossing New Horizons 5pm song for guitar and bass in a book at the moment.

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