Its GP Surgery bothering day!

I love my second job as "'Manager of Samathy's healthcare".



Pharmacy: "We ordered your prescription last week but havent heard anything back yet."

GP: "We did not receive any prescription orders for your medication."

Its a fucking good job I checked up, otherwise I'd run out of tablets on Wednesday.

Getting repeat medication through the NHS on time is hellish.

@s after many similar stories myself I ended up on and it has been ok. Might be worth a go?

@andybalaam Do you still have to order more manually, or is it automatic?

How easy is it if your repeat changes a lot? ( like, 3 monthly )

@s not sure (I haven't changed a lot), but it seems quite simple. I guess a lot depends on your surgery, but I found Echo actually follows up with the surgery and gets it processed whereas other people did not.

@s it emails to remind me, but I think you have to actually do it manually.

@andybalaam Hm, I think I'd end up with the same issues I have now.

Which is having to order my script and chase up whoever doesn't do what they should have.

@s I have seen echo doing some chasing without me having to do it, so there is some possibility it might be better...

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