"A Reboot Fixed my Audio" and other Linux stories.

🐧 Considering writing a silly compilation book. 📚

@s Ask yourself not why do I have to reboot to fix a simple problem, but instead why don't I have a good SSD which makes rebooting a pleasure rather than a pain.

@kawaiipunk @s kinda wish I could hibernate my userspace while it swaps the kernel... :thonking:

@spacekookie @kawaiipunk There are certainly some ways of doing kernel swaps on a running system.

@s @spacekookie I think Ubuntu ™️ has something called Livepatch ™️

@kawaiipunk "I sigh, as I close all my open applications and pull my mouse over to the 'Leave' button. I know it'll only take a second or two, perhaps while my laptop puts all its ducks back in order, I can enjoy a moment of calm..."

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