I bought a Thinkpad Ultra Dock recently, and last week found that whenever I dock either of my x270s, the laptop's microphone stops working.

Turns out, either someone at Lenovo decided that the 3.5mm audio output on the dock should be a headphone/microphone combo jack.

So, if you have speakers plugged into the jack on the dock, the laptop assumes that there is also a microphone plugged in there and just mutes the internal microphone. You can't un-mute the internal mic in software.


HOW can you assume that everyone using the dock wants to plug a headset, and only a headset, into their laptop.

No one wants to plug in speakers, or headphones into the doc and still use the internal microphone for video calls.

Anyway. now I have a dock with litterally only a keyboard and mouse plugged into it.

Because my speakers have to be plugged into the laptop itself, and my usb-c -> DisplayPort cable also has to be plugged into the laptop.
The latter because although the laptop has usb-c, the dock doesnt.

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