I got a new toy today. 🎸

( I play guitar, but not bass guitar )

I am now even more itching for a USB audio interface so I can track things and play along with myself.

I haven't got an audio interface yet not because I just haven't bought one, but because there is like a European shortage of them or something.

Everywhere is sold out still.

@s oooh nice! Part of me wants to sell one of my guitars and get myself a bass :3

@spacekookie Do it! Get more things to make noises with! Bass is extra rumbly! New instruments to not be able to play very well (for me, anyway) !

@s Yeah - there's definately more out of stock interfaces than normal but Thomann seems to have a good selection available immediately.

@Grunthos They seem to have more in stock than they did a week or so ago - however, Thomann seem to have quite high postage costs to the UK, £8.

So when i say 'everywhere', I'm pretty much talking about everywhere apart from Thomann, because other sources dont charge so much for shipping.

@s I was looking at the andertons website earlier, they had a limited range but the new Audient ones are very highly regarded - should be a good choice as long as you don't need lots of channels.

Its a good shout!

I pretty much want the cheapest possible thing to get a mic and a guitar into my computer, so since I bought a bass today I'll have to wait on spending £99 on an interface.

Basically I'm waiting until the cheapo £30-£50 ones come back in stock before getting one.

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