Just as a test, I haven't charged this new phone for 2 days.

It is currently on 10% battery, last fully charged on the morning of the 23rd. 7 hours screen-on time.

I am super glad that my last two phones have been battery monsters. It is super important and I resent that general phone design is razor thin, less than a day battery life.

This phone is still only 8mm thick, and 170mm (6.7") corner-to-corner.
Its got some heft, but it's not particularly noticable.

Its an Umidigi Power3.

Worth mentioning that performance of the phone is solidly good.

I honestly haven't been left feeling like it is slow at all. But really any modern phone is fast enough for sending messages and browsing websites.

I guess performance is just not noticable. Like the battery, it just works well and I don't have to think about managing it.

The screen on this is pretty great.

The cameras are... idk, fine? Hard to rate phone cameras when Im always comparing them to DLSRs.

Yeah, I think that's why I like big battery phones.

I don't have to think about managing it.

I know that how ever much I'm using it, it'll last at least a day. Apparently this one is 2 days and a half.

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