Started my afternoon today by attempting to decode, and then sawing apart a combo bike lock for a neighbour.

It was a Beeway brand chain with combo.
5 dials, neighbour was sure of the code, but it wasn't working.

When tensioned, the last 3 dials defiantly had free-er movement on the expected numbers than the rest, but the first two just kinda spun fairly freely regardless of the amount of tension.

I hypothesised that it was kinda broken. Hacksawing the chain took about 30 mins.

In theory, you can tension a lock like that and the free-er moving numbers are likely to be in the combination.

But the first 2 dials had waaay more movement than the last ones. I am guessing the lock got damaged in the recent pretty-bad storm weather we've had here.


To test the theory, I opened the Masterlock combo bike chain lock on my partner's bike with my eyes closed.

My method was correct for the type of lock, so i think my neighbour's lock was broken.

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