Thinking about installing MoinMoin or Mediawiki tomorrow folks.

I've been looking for a better "knowledge store" solution for a while.

Since Zim desktop Wiki isn't cutting it so well as it's local desktop only and syncing between systems is a pain.

I have Todoist for todos, but it doesnt capture thoughts, feelings, ideas, research or notes.

I often use a notebook, but dislike the inability to be able to index, search and access physical notes from anywhere.


FWIW, Zim is an excellent desktop Wiki and has done really well for me.
If one could edit pages online, or sync and retrieve from an online server itself, I'd stick with it.

I mean, I could implement both those things in Zim, or I could just install the right tool for the job on a server - a hosted, online wiki.

@s I've been thinking about knowledge management – Roam and Workflowy are mostly what I was looking for, but online (both) and laggy as hell (Roam >__>).

I'm not a wiki person, I find their editing process too clunky and annoying for storing thoughts and notes. I've looked around a bit and ended up switching to vimwiki. (Though I use vim anyways.) It's slim, fast, and ties in well with workflows. I keep a terminal open with just vimwiki in it, and can pull it up (i3 scratchpad) with a combo.

Notebooks fill a different niche for me, btw – some things I need to write in notebooks, including some thoughts/notes/todo, to make them real.

vimwiki is just markdown files, with super-neat navigation and even a built-in diary feature. Makes me sufficiently happy for now.

Have you seen Bookstack? It's more Confluence-like than wiki-like but I quite like it.

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