so the PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch (nearly only locked with minimal apps) seems to run for around 6-8 hours on battery after full charge so far.

Not great but for just sometimes going out the house it's probably enough. The phone gets really warm even in idle so it probably wastes a lot of energy somewhere, which might be OS related. (also happened on postmarketOS though)


@webfreak I spoke to KDE Mobile people, and watched the PostmarketOS talk at FOSDEM, both mentioned that battery life with mainline linux on the pinephone is still terrible, because Linux power management on ARM is still terrible.

So yeah, its perhaps its burning battery because it doesnt get into the sleep states that it should.

@s probably, I can ssh into the phone while it's locked instantly and it reacts like it isn't throttled at all

@webfreak Kinda impressive that it lasts 6-8 hours then!

@s well at least it's possible to turn off the display on ubuntu touch which is probably the only reason why it can go so long!

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