GitHub, but federated.

Folks host their own instance, and you can follow, "star" and contribute to other people's repos and orgs using your account, from your instance.
Oh, and you get notifications from remote repos, visible on your instance.

This must exist already, right?
Decentralised development, but better than Email?

@s See ForgeFed account on fediverse. They are trying to make this possible :)

@alexcleac Fantastic! They seem to have got exactly the idea I've got - I'm glad someone is working on it.

#Pijul ( looks also promising in this direction...

@s You can probably extent Gitea or Gogs to do just that.

@s this is something I have wanted for a really long time but sadly doesn't seem to exist yet

@s have you tried using email? having recently done a lot of email-based git collaboration, I hate going back to the Git(Hub|Lab) model.

@qyliss @s I agree. Email is just different than what is mainstream nowadays but it actually feels a lot easier to work with than the GitHub model once you try it. Imagine not having to own an account on every git hosting platform just so you can fork and send a pull request.

@qyliss I have tried it - from a contributor pov.

I like how accessible and simple it is.
I like the patch-versioning, and encouragement to submit a set of 'perfect', standalone patches.

I dislike not being able to submit a patch and have CI run.
I dislike the email traffic volume.

I feel it ends up being very intimidating and often a judgemental culture. Although the latter is more the type of people/projects who seem to use it ( present company aside ).

@qyliss I'd probably like email based git-collaboration if:
You could submit a patch to a mailing list, and get a CI run result back promptly ( via email).

Email-based git projects were less..."be an amazing developer or leave" kinda culture.

@s both are possible — for the former, see patchew or snowpatch

@s I want this too, and I wish gitlab or gitea had reached a point like this. While it’s not the same, take a look at git-ssb. It’s pretty cool in my opinion. Completely serverless git, with issues, prs and all

@s @rixx Yes! There is already a group of people over at trying to get a spec for something like this going and of the hosted services at least GitLab is interested.

@s There's work on a ForgeFed protocol, but personally I think the usecases are already mostly covered by webfeeds (which GitHub does support) & git patch files (which Github barely supports).

Personally I'd love it if when I pushed to an upstream repo it opened a new branch and a communication channel! That's what sounds convenient to me...

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