I think my next plan for a home-server is to just go full on Mainframe style.

One box, big-ish CPU, plenty of RAM and disks.

Do GPU pass through to a Windows VM for games, and otherwise make it a powerhouse remote box for doing work that I need more oomph than a laptop for.

I don't use my desktop at all, and if I have a server, I might as well make it powerful enough to do actual work.

The current server has only a 4-core CPU and 4GB of RAM.

Which is more than enough for serving files and the odd service.
But its not really that useful for a remote workstation.

@s Neat! Though I feel I should mention that cutting my home services down from a desktop box to a rpi(-equivalent) was one of the most sizable effects on my electicity bill I've made, so be aware of the power costs :)

@cockers Probably a Ryzen 4 or 6 core. And underclock it for slightly lower power consumption.

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