I'm looking at kobo-linux stuff again 👀


The point I got too last year was having the source of 4.x kernel from chip manufacturer, and the 2.6.x kernel source from Kobo and trying to see what Kobo added, that wasnt in IMX's sources.

which, would be easy with proper Git history. But of course, I don't have that.

Kobo provides a tarball of the kernel sources.
IMX have a visible Git repo online with history, but without a login you can only download tarballs. (cont)

To make it worse - it looks like Kobo backports patches from newer IMX kernels, into their 2.6.xx kernel.

So diffing even kernels of the same version is basically impossible.

I'm tempted just to email Kobo and ask "Can I have a tarball of the git repo, plus history."
and do the same for IMX.
Then maybe I'd know what is Kobo unique patches that I can port into the IMX kernel.

I found this today: mobileread.com/forums/showthre

- and I feel like I should go write up and dump all my research online somewhere.

Because theres loads of resources for building on top of the provided 2.6xx kernel Kobo provides, but obviously, thats less than desirable for keep the device usable & secure into the future.
Clearly I'm not the only one who wants this to happen.

Perhaps I just don't have the skills to take it forward and someone else can help!

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