This weekend was a busy one!

On Saturday I gave my first 60 min conference talk at DDD East Midlands entitled "This is a Talk about Nothing" about representing nothingness in Programming languages. It ended up being more like 50 mins due to 2 consecutive fire alarms earlier in the day.
Later, went to PubConf Nottingham.

Sunday started with the dismantling of a hair dryer, and ended with an afternoon at the very Nottingham event, Hockley Hustle. A music festival in the city center.

@s The talk went really well, and I really enjoyed it.
It was well populated and plenty of people said it was good, and it received 7 Green, 9 Amber and 2 Red votes on the feedback system.

Its probably my best talk yet, maybe 🤷‍♀️

The rest of the conference was of general high quality and a good day out with @iguana 😊


@s Hockley Hustle was pretty good too! Saw several different genres of amateur music.
Enjoyed the jazz most.

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