In the book I'm reading at the moment, Abbadon's Gate - James S.A Corey, there is the concept of a "Family Feed".
An asynchronous platform where family members post life updates and questions for consumption by other family members at their leisure.

We have feeds like this now ( Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon... )- but they normally include vast numbers of friends, family and people we barely know. I like the idea of multiple specific, closed feeds for different social groups one is a member of.

I generally dislike the idea of a 'Group chat ' for life updates. Seeing as its super easy for things to get lost in there.

And, as mentioned, existing platforms lump posts from all the people you 'Follow' into one feed, rather than specific, separate feeds.

It'd be nice to, every week or so, check my family feed and see what everyone has been up too. Optionally interact there, but also not feel any pressure to 'answer'.

There are probably ways to do this - I believe Dreamwidth has functionality to show posts to a specific sub-group.
Mastodon& Facebook also has this to some extent.
But they miss the 'Show me only updates from _these_ people' part.

@s DW has a way to read only updates from a certain group of people – I used to use the feature all the time in Livejournal times.

Unfortunately as with most of DW, it's a pain to actually find the feature:

@iguana Looks like it'd be possible to get what I want with that system, but only for me, rather than the whole system being built around it.

I'm thinking more of a thing where you post to one or more groups that you're a member of.
Then have to pick one group to display at a time.


@iguana While this does look good - it'd still require me to get my entire family using Dreamwidth.

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