I've been sick with a cold for the past 2 days 🤒
Still, managed to get some good tidying up done at the hackspace in Tuesday along with some makin' of my LED pendents.

Also been playing a bunch of Tomb Raider Chronicles on my PlayStation. Videogame haven't managed to be that higher priority in a long time.

Worked on my upcoming talk too! It's going to be a good one.

So this week a hasn't been a total loss.

@s Pendents MK2 are looking good, with the transparent epoxy.

Some work to go on getting the epoxy to just surround the LEDs rather than pool under the piece.
I tried putting less on the front, and then also putting epoxy on the back to surround the LEDs.

Future plans include new shapes, and potentially fitting some SMD resistors in the pendent to reduce the painful brightness levels of the LEDs.

@s Really enjoyed tidying up the electronics area with a fellow hacker.
Its been super nice to get that social time with someone, and also to feel like I'm contributing more to the space.

I think Electronics is the most well stocked area of the Nottinghack.
Which is great, but that also means we have a LOT of electronics stuff to store and manage. Until I started a couple weeks ago, no one was really taking charge of it.

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