It's coming up towards Halloween again and once more, I'm not really prepared, nor am I particularly interested in it.

I didn't take part in Halloween at all until Uni. As a result I really don't know _how_ to do it.
I don't have much of a feeling for what one should do, when, how much effort should it be etc.

I never felt comfortable wearing, or preparing a costume - probably because I never feel like I've done it correctly.

@s I probably won't be doing that much again this year, because I haven't got time or energy to make a good costume. And... I really don't understand how it's worth my time to do so?

Theres a thing on at the local Hackspace, so I'll go to that. It'll be a good combination of people who made some effort, and people who made zero effort, but like the idea of being in a space with other people. (I am the latter).


@s I explained how I feel about Halloween to my partner as "Imagine if you'd never done Christmas until your early 20s, but everyone else has been doing it since they were born".

Id probably be similarly baffled by the whole Christmas thing, and similarly have no idea what the right and wrong things to do are.

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