The D language is in this odd state where some big Linux distros still don't have packages for the D compiler(s) and tools, some distros have packages for some of the compilers and maybe the tools, and others have everything.

This especially applies to Architectures that are not x86 - despite there not being any real reason why they can't ship gdc & compile their libs with that (I think, no support for thay asumption)


I tried to get the D ecosystem up on:
Aarch64 Debian 9 - Has GDC (no DMD) , but no DUB package.

x86 Ubuntu Bionic - Has DUB, but no DMD. Default installs LDC.

x86 Arch - Has modern everything in standard repos.

Its just odd, that a language which is fairly popular, more popular that others which are fully supported in most distros, is kinda forgotten.

I guess this is all just Classic Samathy grumbling at the lack of uptake for Dlang.

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