Our silly morning animal routine:

Come downstairs from bedroom, one cat following, Phil.

Stop on the first floor to feed the rabbit 🐰, so excited she knocks food out my hand.

Go into the office and wake the parrot up, immidiate *peep peep peep* 🐦.

Continue to the ground floor, cat 2, Millie, is waiting on the stairs. Or cat 3, Zelda follows from the landing.

Phil and Zelda at their bowls, feed them.
Millie in the kitching making lots of noise. Feed her.

Relax to the sound of gobbling.


No one really needed to know all this, but it struck me yesterday just how silly its gotten.

All the animals know when it's morning time and everyone comes out to see me on the 1st floor when I come down (apart from the bird, he just starts making small peeps from the office room).

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