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The future is stupid and computers were a bad idea.

Selfie, ec 

Selfie, ec 

I did that thing again where I let the disk on my mastodon server fill up and then I can't log in properly.

I are good server admin.

I am genuinely wondering how hard it'd be to convince Facebook that a BeautifulSoup script is, in fact, the human user Samathy.

Frustratingly, I CAN download all the photos.

But only if I open each one separately and click the download button on each picture.

There is no 'download all' button, because that'd be too convenient.

Gah, the roller derby photographer from Sunday posted the photos on Facebook and I want to download the whole set, but i can't because Facebook.

Facebook, i can see these photos with my eyes, why won't you let me download them and see them with my eyes through not-Facebook.

My supermarket shopping list reads like a 5 year old wrote it, and that's okay.

sosig rol
Hot bred
3 pepp
Pesto bois

Spelling things properly is for boring people.

Anyway, idle thoughts brought to you by listening to someone talk about a really cool thing they're doing, that I wish I had capacity to do.

It makes me feel inferior that I share this interest, but havent got time to invest in it like they do.

It is worth remembering, that there is surely loads of other things they wish they could do. Maybe they wish they were as skilled as me in something.

To an outsider, it may look like my primary interest is Roller Derby, and I'm absolutely fantastic at it.

In reality, it is just one of the things I'm interested in, and there are loads of other subjects I wish i knew more about.

It is very easy to forget this is the situation for most people.

But we only outwardly see the things someone *is* doing, not the things they wish they had time to do.

This makes it seem like everyone else is highly skilled in all of their interests, and there is nothing that they long to be able to do, but have no capacity to actually do.

e.g I am very interested in electronics, but have relatively little practical skill in building circuits.I rarely post about electronics, because I have nothing to say.

I am currently spending a lot of time doing various roller derby things, and so I have a lot to say about it and a lot to share.

This is a thing that the internet makes a lot worse - the internet makes it look like any given person posting online is an expert in exactly everything they're interested in.

Where as, in reality, everybody has a range of interests and a range skill/knowledge in those interests.

Its just that people don't normally write about the things they're interested in, but are not skilled in yet. Most posts are about things one is already skilled or knowledgable in.

This ๐Ÿ‘ World ๐Ÿ‘ Has ๐Ÿ‘ Too ๐Ÿ‘ Many ๐Ÿ‘ Things ๐Ÿ‘ To ๐Ÿ‘ Be ๐Ÿ‘ Interested ๐Ÿ‘ In

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TERF nonsense 

ec, selfie 

ec, selfie 

ec, selfie 

I fitted a smart light bulb๐Ÿ’ก in my office which warms the colour temperature as the sun goes down in the evening. It is LOVELY.

I no longer have to choose between a bright daylight bulb to combat SAD in the winter day times. And a comfortably warm bulb in the evenings.

I hate daylight bulbs after the sun goes down ( they make my office feel...horribly bright ), but they're essential for me during the dark winter daytimes.

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It is a thing that people who grew up in a household with little disposable income, find it really hard to spend their disposable income as an adult.

This me. I'm working on changing my outlook to a healthier one.

I have finally bought a Niceโ„ข๏ธ electric coffee grinder.

It is only a Sage Smart grinder Pro.
Common for people who buy beans but arent like.... Weird Coffee People. Its no Niche Zero, or Fellow Ode.

But for me, it represents one of those long desired, only-for-me, want but not need purchases that I find so incredibly hard to justify buying.

So, safe to say i'm very excited that I am finally getting a nice grinder and can justify buying nice coffee again.

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