TIL default argument lists in Python are mutable.

def mutate(a=[]) :

Will append '1' to the default argument list every time the function is ran because the object 'a' is created only once, not each time the function is called.


I cooked for 5 people tonight and Im pretty darn proud of that! I never feel 100% confident that others will like my food, so it was kinda scary!

But everyone enjoyed it and we had a great time.
It was nice to be able to facilitate that with friends.

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The kids-day show and tell is probably my second favorite session behind lightning talks.

Its really great to see kids and the innovative projects they cone up with. In literally a day some of these kids get further with a project than I could in the same time.

Asking permission from your Airbnb host to invite friends over for dinner is kinda like living with one's parents again.

Lightning talks time, the bestest part of

Gave my talk and it seemed to go pretty well.

Went a bit over time for it, but seemed to get good feedback and people learned what I wanted them to learn.

Could really have done with more than 30 mins though.

David MacIver (@DRMacIver@twitter.com) gave a talk about the L* graph search algorithm and I'm really glad I'm not the only person coming to a Python conference and talking about automata, languages and digraphs. 😂

is so good.

Conference introduction includes "Use whatever toilet you wish, don't be awful to people, we have people who might not consider themselves ladies or gentlemen."

Time for !!
Ive already seen loads of friends, colleagues and associates.
This conference is so good and I'm really excited to spend the next 5 days with all these fantastic people sharing knowledge.

Reveal.js is a large pile of terrible defaults.

* It has terrible keybinding defaults.
* The default is not 100% width/height slides.
* I cant see a way just to write a side-car config file, instead I have to edit my slide .html file every time it changes ( Juptyer autogenerated slides )

Today I learned that _First Fig_ by Edna Millay isnt about working too hard, but about love and passion and such.

I've known that poem since it was in the front cover of some novel I read as a kid, and only now learnt the above.

It'll always be about working too hard for me though.

It seems like perhaps people have to re-follow me to get a post in their feed

This masto instance currently lists me as having no followers, so I'm curious to see if followers have actually remained following me, or are no longer following me.

Pleroma was just.....very beta software. It kinda worked, but didn't integrate with Mastodon very well.

I switched from Pleroma to Mastodon for this instance.

Its the same domain name, and my username is the same - I'm curious to see how other masto/gnusocial instances handle my instance getting swiped out form under them.


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