Are you even doing home networking if you don't have to panic reset everything to a working state before your partner gets home 😬

Trying some new shapes for pendents tonight.

I'm excited for the star shape for festive times. Getting red and green LEDs for those.
Possibly as gifts for tree decorations.

.Starting to wonder if adding a 2nd Cross bar under the batteries on the backs of the pieces would help make adding the vertical back bar less difficult. As well as helping the battery stay in better.

Trying some higher quality, thinner solder tomorrow to see if that helps, even a little.

Related: I'd love to do more programming in not-Python. But my spare time is limited, and I sure as heck don't want to spend it doing more programming after a day of programming for work.

Choosing what I want to do during my spare time is really hard, because there are so many things I could be doing.

I envy people who only have one or 2 hobbies.
You mean, you only have to choose between like 2 things when you have free time?!

That must be amazing, to be able to actually do one hobby for long enough to get pretty good at it. Rather than constantly switching interests.

While me talking about me having only a few people to make LED pendents for, a friend and collegue said today:

"What is this reason to make things??? You just make things for the sake of making them, and then you have things. No need to have someone to make them for."

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Woo, did a radio interview for BBC Radio Nottingham today.

Took a presenter around the hackspace.

Oh! I also bought and fitted a fire extinguisher for the electronics area, because we didn't have one downstairs.

In general, there was loads of work done! Painting, tidying, making new holders for tools and stuff.

With a space as large as ours, it does require some love to keep it useful.

Woah, this weekend was a busy one!

The hackspace has a Hack the Space weekend where we work on space in general and infrastructure improvements.

I started Saturday at 9am and finished it at 8pm, then went down for a couple hours on Sunday too.
We built another workstation/table for Electronics, built a holder for tubes of ICs and fitted some LED strip lighting above the desks.

Friends did some sorting of our component stock, and testing of our large electronics test equipment.

I wrote a blog post about a recent impromptu talk I did about making physical stuff!!

I'm a bit late sharing because I had to write a GitHub action so I could compile my website so I could deploy it with the new post.....

HRT Update, Body changes, Cancer 

HRT Update, Body changes, Cancer 

This a regular-scheduled toot telling you that the UK's shared-care model for trans people is rubbish.

It involves too many moving parts with the patient connecting them all.

HRT/Medication Aquisition shenanigans 

HRT/Medication Aquisition shenanigans 

HRT/Medication Aquisition shenanigans 

In thinking about buying some more equipment I've basically decided I'm gonna sell my Nikon 18-105mm, and my Tamron 70-300.

Ive...never used the 300mm lens.
And the 105mm is quite awful.

I mean, the 105 is a good focal range, but it's kit-lens quality. Plastic, weird aberration, rough AutoFocus.

Ooooo Nikon 50mm f1.8g lenses are Β£125 in CeX πŸ‘€

Thats not too bad, but I WOULD also like to get a D7100 body some time soon. Money money πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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