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Trans health 

Pocket reminding me of my bad habit: Saving articles and never reading them.

To find a key word, its just a matter of consuming regular characters until a symbol/whitespace is encountered.

And then checking if the resulting sting is in the set of keys for the map of keyword tokens.

Much better than having to switch-case every single keyword.

Its a nice feeling to be able to write a commit message:
"Support all keywords in C99" for a compiler.

Its only able to tokenize all the keywords, but I think next week I'll be ready to parse something.
The lexer is pretty much done, bar a few tokens like quotes, full stops and the doubled up operators ( like &&, >> || etc ).

Its a fairly small commit thanks to all the effort I put in on making a compile time map of strings to object factory functions.

In fact, the forum post I linked in the gist is a prime example:

dlang's runtime silently recreates associative arrays at runtime, even if it already created them at compile time. Because the backend of associative arrays is different for RT, and CT.

No warning, just sprinkle a few 'enum' and 'static' over things and maybe `assert(__ctfe)` and you might be able to force CTFE, or you'll get an error.

I really dislike how dlang uses keywords like 'enum' and 'static' to just...signal to the compiler that it could attempt CTFE.

Its frustrating that if the compiler doesnt manage to do CTFE, but CAN do runtime evaluation, it often just, doesnt tell you and does it at runtime.

If I'm trying to make this CTFE, I want to ENSURE that its CTFE, its hard to do that.

I've spent a few hours making a fancy compile-time snippet.

It allows one to give a super class, and generate an associative array of class name strings, to factory functions for getting an object of that class.
The associative array can be a compile-time constant.

Getting this to work properly, and understanding the, honestly, awful semantics of CTFE for dlang has been HARD.

Its for using in my lexer to make token objects from input strings.

Transphobia bullshit 

Trans, injections mention 

Trans, injections mention 

Anyway, I shall probably just pick something from that list tomorrow.

Today has mostly been building the chinch cage, but I have all evening for fun things!

Something I've been working on in therapy is being able to just decide what I want to do.

I often end up decision-paralysed because I want to do *so many things* and must pick the one most likely to result in enjoyment.
So, trying to pick the one that is least risky, in terms of being worth the time.

But I've been getting a lot better at just...feeling what I want to do and doing it, rather than assigning imaginary *worthwhileness* points to things I want to do.

Ich habe ein Woche Urlaub.
Was machen ich πŸ€”

* Compiler development.
➑ * Read more of Modern Compiler Implementation.
➑ * Read parsing section of the Dragon Book
* Focused electronics learning
➑ * Dual power supply
➑ * KiCAD practice
➑ * Guitar effects pedals
* Focused guitar playing
* Kobo-Linux project
➑ * Documentation
➑ * Investigate existing kernel compression method.
* Switch over to OpenWRT router.
* Learn more German

One of my favorite things is people being surprised every time I tell them about a different one of my pets.

"Samathy just how many pets do you have?!"

The answer is "at least one more than last time we had this conversation".

Why is there CD πŸ“€, DVD πŸ’Ώ, MiniDisk πŸ’½, FloppyπŸ’Ύ and VHS πŸ“Ό emoji - but no cassette tape emoji?

I want to buy a cassette recorder for making tape-loops but cassette recorders are so damn expensive now.

Like, Β£30+ for a bad, base model, Sony thing.

Over Β£50 at least for anything Walkman like, plenty over Β£100.

Im glad I'm not in the market for anything MiniDisk πŸ’½. Those things are kicking off.

Overcooked war zu einfach geworden.

So wir Moving Out gekauft. Vielleicht du wirst mag es auch. πŸ˜„

Test writing in makes me grumpy.
Its so bad compared to test writing in Python.

Built in unittest is fine for suuuper basic test writing, but barely enough.

Every time I write D I just want to write a good testing library with all the stuff I miss from Pytest.

Love to go from a tough day at the office day-job as a software engineer, into a tough evening at the office for my other day job as a hackspace trustee.

From drama and bullshit straight into drama and bullshit.

The only difference is switching from my work ThinkPad x270 to my personal ThinkPad x270.

Oh, and that I get compensated and thanked for one of those jobs.

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